How Did I get Here?


Slowly is the word I think.  I typed all of the following in last night.  I previewed it and I’m sure it was there and then this morning?  Nada – nothing – disappeared into the ether.  Not even any sign of a draft!

So back to the plot – I contemplated a blog but thought that it would take too much time (correct – judging by my technical failures to date!) and that no-one would be interested.  I even signed up for Shimelle’s blogging for Scrapbookers class at but life got in the way.  So why change my mind?  Why now?

Well something’s happened.  Something that is a big deal to me.  I answered a Design Team call at Scrapbookers Anonymous and I got accepted!!!  And I thought my friends and family were just being polite when they said they liked my scrapbooks!

I am really looking forward to working with all the talented ladies and gentleman over the next six months.  Since I’m new to this I’ll just post the link to the announcement and you can follow their links from there:

I can’t really have a blog without a photo, so here’s a sneak peak at part of my stamping LO which will be on the site soon.
I think I’ll leave all the reformatting and setting up of this blog for another time.  After all I do have a wedding to avoid!!!
Come back soon.

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  1. Congrats on been part of SA Design Team and a big warm welcome !!!!! Glad to see your blog is up and running, sneak peek looks fab can’t wait to see the full version. Do you have a Followers button anywhere ? Have a good day avoiding the wedding,lol.xxxx

  2. Hi glad you made a blog so you can be on our team! Congratulations ( and if you’ve looked at my blog you’ll realise you needn’t worry an bout what it looks like- mine is still at the basic stage!)

  3. Congratulations on being chosen for the SA Design Team!! This blog stuff will get easier (said by a woman whose daughter does her blog design!). Anyways…I cant wait to see what you will be creating over the next several months! have a beautiful day…I’m off to my workout!

  4. Hi Julie! You are doing great with the blog! Little by little you will add more things! Love the sneak! Cannot wait to see the full layout! I woke up at 5 am to see the wedding! I saw it all! I even cried! I will love to see London again! The last time I visited London was just one week on 1999!

  5. Woo hoo Julie…congrats to you on becoming part of the SA team!!

    And also to your blog…they are such fun!

    Will enjoy seeing you whole page!

  6. Hi Julie. Great new blog. it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. so excited to have you on the team at SA. I tried to avoid the wedding too, but it got the best of me.. i had to peak in and see her dress. not bad and she looked pretty.

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