Wedding? Which Wedding?


And that Design Team Call Layout

To me, ‘the’ wedding was best summed up by a Facebook post from America:-
‘I can’t believe your (sic) not getting up at 4 am to watch 2 people that you have never met, and will never meet, get married in a church that you will never go to, in a country that has lousy food!’

(We’ll overlook the food comment for now: particular cheek I thought, since they gave us MacDonalds!  Although I imagine there were a few soggy sandwiches and burnt BBQ sausages up and down the country on Friday.)  The point is that everyone’s wedding should be their own special day.  And even if we’re single or divorced, either by choice or not, there will be weddings that are so much more important to us personally.

My parents have been married for just over 50 years.  I went through all their old photos last year to make them a scrapbook to record their time together.  I’m not sure why these two photos never made it into that album: they are so classic and (despite Uncle Albert’s Teddy Boy look) have a certain timeless feel.  Maybe it’s because 50 years is a lot to fit into 20 pages – and the wedding day did have a 2 page spread.

I’ve had the prints for a while and wanted to scrap them for myself, but I couldn’t find the right paper.  Then Scrapbookers Anonymous came to the rescue with a Design Team call:

The challenge was to use stamps to make at least one piece of patterned paper for your layout and 3 stamped embellishments.  Eureka!  I had a hydrangea stamp from making the Golden Wedding Party Invitations; because their bridesmaids had bouquets of blue hydrangeas.  So one piece of light blue cardstock and one hydrangea stamp with hydrangea blue ink and I had my perfect patterned paper.  A few more stamps, some Making Memories paper and a Shimelle style format and the job was done.  (Shimelle does some great weekly sketches on her blog, to help banish scrappers block).

I am now officially part of the Design Team at Scrapbookers Anonymous and you can see the other fantastic stamped LOs from the rest of the Design Team at Scrapbookers Anonymous.   April’s addict of the month LO for April’s eyelet challenge has also been posted, so go over and check it out:

And that winged heart will get used again – it’s just perfect for scrapping my brother’s wedding (in black & white of course).  And I promise I will scrap some photos soon Becky, I don’t think I remember my brother looking happier than he did that day.


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  1. LOL! I did not watch the royal wedding. But I did get online afterwards to check out the pictures! Speaking of pictures, the pictures in this layout are fabulous! Love the way you framed them out and the stamping is awesome!!!

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