Friday Night is Scrap Night


Friday night is becoming craft night for me and Puddle Duck.  I am so impressed by her scrapbooking.  This isn’t finished yet, but it’s not bad for a 7 year old.

She was fascinated by the sewing machine when I used it on a LO and wanted to try it.  She found it a bit scary and insisted I guide the paper but she wouldn’t let me do it for her.  In fact she does pretty much most things herself – particularly the design.  She also did all the photo editing herself on iPhotos.

I love what she did with the title – particularly since it came from a sheet of cat stickers and said Meow!

Must dash now to go to the Maypole dancing.  Back later with photos.


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  1. How much fun to share this wonderful hobby with your daughter! (I assume that’s who Puddle Duck is) Sounds like she has a developing creative flair!

  2. Wow! That’s really great for 7. I’m impressed. My 4yo (boy) loves to stamp with me and help cut my paper but he’s a long way from designing anything himself! maybe there’s hope for the future…

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