Jamie’s Birthday Dinners


Friday was Li’l Bro’s birthday and on Tuesday it’s The Grandad’s – which means a family dinner.  This year I suggested Jamie Oliver’s Italian.

This is the kid’s menu:

Remember these view finders from when you were a kid?   Fun idea but not exactly practical – one plate of pasta covered in a tomato based sauce looks much like the next, so we had to ask the waitress what was on the menu.

Nibbles were nice.  Plenty of topping on the bruschetta:

And No.1 Cousin liked the bread:

How old does he look in this photo?  And it is a breadstick, not a cigar he’s holding.

The Aunt and The Uncle (a.k.a. Li’l Bro) probably had the best deal of the mains with his lamb and her burger:

I’m not sure I know anyone who could get their chops round that.  On the other hand, the kids portion was tiny.  Puddings were super delish.

And I promise these photos were taken at the table and not in a public toilet (as might be guessed by the background tiles).

The Aunt and The Uncle

The Grandad and The Grandma

Puddle Duck and Pussy

I’m not sure bringing No.1 Cousin his present was such a good idea – but at least we know he likes it – even if he does treat it like a drumstick!

And the overall verdict?  Grandma prefers Cafe Cassita in Gornal for Italian.  Next time we want a meal in Birmingham it’ll be Wagamamas – love that place.

Have you been to a Celebrity Chef’s Restaurant?  What did you think?

P.S. I’ll be back later with news of Saturday’s crop.


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  1. We went to a Jamie’s Italian at the weekend! We really liked it – we had the meat platter to share as a starter, and we each had a (different) risotto as our main 🙂 I’m wondering if the menu is the same at each branch?

    PS I’ve also eaten at Wagamama’s – in Birmingham, coincidentally! – while visiting family there a while back. Loved it there 🙂

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