Guest Design Spot at From Screen to Scrap and a Prize


I was truly surprised when Shazza asked me to be guest designer at From Screen to Scrap.  July’s inspirsation comes from the movie poster All About Eve.

I love this poster.  The bright colours and graphical style suit me to a tee.  As with any Shazza challenge there are additional criteria:-

For an extra 6 bonus points 🙂

1) Use 4 x colorful Arrows = 1 pt
2) Use  Hearts = 2 pts
3) Use 1/2 or 1/4 of a face from a photo = 3 pts

This led me to use the poster as a sketch.  But I also liked the border around the page and the blocks of the title, so I wanted to incorporate that.  But what to use as the subject matter?  And that’s where I stepped out of my comfort zone.  As I was sorting through a box of old photos I came across some photobooth photos of me and a small picture from my Uni days.  It’s very rare to see a photo of me on a page but this has FIVE! And I’ve journalled about something personal to me – my glasses – something I have never done before.

I have myopic astigmatism.  It’s hereditary – my Dad has it and so does Puddle Duck.  I had my first pair of glasses when I was 5 years old.  I got called all of the usual names at school, plus ‘Everest’ which was the name of a double glazing firm advertising on TV at the time.  It had a really big effect on my self confidence.

My prescription is very strong and it limits what frames I can choose, so the latest fashion for plastic frames with deep sides is perfect for me – long may this fashion continue! The downside is that the lens isn’t deep enough for varifocals, so I have to have a separate pair of reading glasses.

As guest designer I also get to pick one entry to receive this prize:

If you would like to win, go over to From Screen to Scrap and follow Shazza’s instructions to the letter.  As an engineer, complying with the given brief is engraved deep within my psyche.  In addition I want to read about what else inspired your page.  You can include it in your blog post or in a comment here.  Whatever your inspiration I hope you’ll play along.


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  1. I love that you documented this! I have been wearing glasses since I was three and have a lazy eye… so one lens is ALWAYS thicker than the other and really was hard on me as a kid… cause they always pointed out that it looked like I had one BIG BUG EYE… lol.. oh well.. such is life…. I really loveeeeeeeeeeeee your lo… loving the arrows!!! CONGRATS on the GDT! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. LOL… just gotta laugh….how funny…am the same too… I’ve been wearing glasses since I’m 6!!! yep my right is thicker than my left!!! I really love your layout Julie… Its beautiful with great journal!!!…And congrats for the GDT!!! you deserved it Girlie… hugs..xoxo

  3. I love this layout Julie, and I’m glad you were the GDT for this challenge site. I had never heard of this challenge blog before, and am glad to know about it. You have done a lovely job with your layout.

    I too have worn coke-bottle lenses since I was 6 years old. I am lucky that I can get high-index lenses that cut down on the thickness and weight of my glasses, and have one lens thicker than the other. I used to get terrible headaches from the weight of my glasses. I am so happy that it is more accepted for children to wear glasses now – maybe they won’t grow up as sensitive to wearing glasses as we did.

  4. This page spoke to me today! I have been wearing glasses since I was seven and have passed my lazy eye on to my daughter. It’s a great subject to create a layout about.

    I loved your comment about the Sindy clothes yesterday and I would love to see some of your creations. Is there a blog post there? please?

  5. Hi Julie!

    I love your interpretation of the movie poster this month at ‘From screen 2 scrap’. I’m glad you firstly journaled about yourself and your specific subject about wearing glasses. I love your layout it just looks fabulous. Well done and so glad you joined in as the ‘Movie Extra’ this month.

  6. Love your take on this page, Julie – and I love how you have scrapped about your specs! I made a blog post last June, when I got new glasses (posh new varifocals!). Glasses can have a big effect on our lives, in lots of ways.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and reading about Oxford. In answer to your question, the “Bridge of Sighs” you are thinking of, is almost certainly the Cambridge version, at St.John’s College!! How confusing, eh?

  7. What a great interpretation of the sketch! I think lots of us are reluctant to scrap about ourselves, but it really is important.

  8. This is awesome, Julie!! 🙂 My sweet 11 year old girl also has poor vision, and wears very thick glasses. She was so disappointed when they told her she may never be able to wear contacts. Of course, I think she looks stunning in her glasses, as you do!!! This looks like a great challenge….lots of fun. Congrats on your guest DT spot!! 🙂

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