A Miner’s Tale


The first Sunday of every month is Story Telling Sunday at From High in the Sky.  I wanted to join in last weekend and I just made it because Sian keeps it open for a week.  (You can read all of this months stories here).  I also managed to get the story down on paper, using the latest Simple Aussie Girls challenge.

I did this one on paper rather than digitally because I already had the top photo printed. Both photos were taken last year when we visited The Black Country Living Museum. The bottom one on the canal trip and the top one outside the entrance to the mine after that trip. I knew I wanted to scrap something about the fact that Puddle Duck is a miner’s daughter but I wasn’t quite sure what until last weekend, when The Drake came to visit and told her about working ‘down pit’ as they say in Yorkshire.

This is what he told her: ‘We used to have dress up days on Friday, so we could go out for a drink after work – if we were on ‘Afters’.  We had to change to work because we got so dirty – we had clean and dirty lockers.  Some parts of the pit were so hot we worked in our underwear.  One place was called The Microwave because it was so hot.  We had to take salt tablets before the shift and they gave us ice to fill our water bottles – but it was warm water within an hour.  One day (when Shelley was about your age) the showers were broken and I had to go home dirty.  It was summer so it was still light when I got home.  I walked down the street and the kids ran along laughing because I was so black.’

I’m glad I decided to start recording some of her Dad’s stories.  Before this LO there was only one page in my albums with him on: it was the second page I ever made and it has no journalling (I’d even forgotten the date when I scrapped the photos and now I can’t remember the place either!).  We split up when she was two and then I moved back to Dudley to be closer to friends and family, but he still has to be part of her life.  It’s hard when he lives 100 miles away and he can’t drive.  Sometimes she doesn’t want to speak to him on the phone, others (like Friday night) she says she misses him and wants us to be a proper happy family again.  She’s still learning that we don’t get everything we want in this life and have to make the best of what we have.  Not an easy lesson but one that has to be learned to be really happy.

P.S. Hope to be back later with ‘Ten on the Tenth’.  Just need to pop over to UKS to cast my vote in Scrapfactor.


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  1. what a great memory, and great to include her dad and his past in her albums. thanks for joining in.

  2. That is an awesome story and even though you two aren’t together anymore…I am happy you still documented this…. (some people wouldn’t because of the break-up… so THUMBS UP to you!) I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. That’s a really good thing to do – scrap your ex’s stories for PD. Perfect context for them too. Love PD’s smile in that 2nd photo 😀

    I think I probably should start a BOH (Book of Him) to redress the balance in this house too – even though I’m still happily married, DH doesn’t feature much as a person in his own right – father, yes, husband, yes … but not enough about him as a son or just himself.

    Now I’d better go back and see what other Sunday storytellings I missed!

  4. Julie, this is fantastic! I have just got back from holiday – we were away for nearly two weeks without any internet at all, so today is my email catching up day. It was a complete treat to discover you had added a new story to the link! I am a (Welsh) miner’s grandaughter, so this story really spoke to me.

    It’s a delight to have you join in Storytelling Sunday.

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