A Black Tie Affair


A paper folding tutorial

When I posted my Fathers Day cards, Ginger was interested in how I made the shirts.  I got the instructions from Crafts Beautiful, June 2010.  However, I’d lost the pattern sheet which included the diagrams.  Puddle Duck has a book of origami fashion, so my previous experience came in handy interpreting the written word!

I had a scrap of black and white striped paper left from this month’s Scrapbookers Anonymous challenge, so here’s how to fold a paper shirt.

Start with a rectangle of paper (mine was about 11 X 20 cm) and fold in half lengthways (1).  Choose a fairly lightweight paper to reduce the bulk of your finished shirt.  Unfold and fold the two long edges into the middle (2) with the pattern side on the outside.  Fold back the top corners (3) – these will form the sleeves when you turn it over.

Flip the paper over and at the opposite end, fold down the end (4).  This should be a narrow fold and will dictate the depth of the collar.  Turn the paper back over and fold in the corners at the ‘collar end’ (5).  Yep. I know you now have the sleeves and collar at the opposite ends of your shirt but we’re about to fix that!  Fold up the bottom, so that the top tucks under the collar (6).

You can then decorate with buttons, or brads for buttons, add braces or whatever you want.  I thought this looked a little like a baseball/basketball ref’s shirt, but since I don’t know any baseball or basketball players and I still had some paper left, I thought I’d make a tie.

I used a 6 X 6 cm sheet.  The instructions for this were a tad confusing, so I improvised and I think it turned out OK, even though the paper was a bit too thick for this fiddly item.

Fold diagonally and unfold.  Crease 2 adjacent sides in to meet the centre crease (7) with the pattern on the outside.  Turn over and fold down the top point and then fold it back on itself (8).  Fold back over and fold down the top point.  Fold in the sides (9) to give a tie shape.  You need to make sure that the top is the same width as the upfold on the front – and fold both sides – I’ve just shown one side folded to make it clearer.  Turn back over and adhere to shirt.

This shirt and tie combo made me think of Del Boy and needed some bling, so I used a diamonte brad for a tie clip.

I’m sure you ladies (and gents?) could come up with a better sentiment for a card but I was trying to use up what I had.  This would make a good thank-you card for a male teacher – you could do it in school colours.

The Scrapbookers Anonymous challenge is open until the end of the month, so create a LO using your hard to use colour and use up your scraps in a card – we’d love to see what you create.

I also hope you’ll join us at from Screen to Scrap using that gorgeous All About Eve poster as inspiration.  There are loads of prizes to be won.


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