What is perfection?


‘If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’ or so my Godmother used to tell me and I still try to live by that.  I don’t believe in half measures and I won’t accept second best.  But perfection?  Well that’s a different matter entirely.  The search for perfection can lead to far from perfect results.

Waiting for the perfect time to do something, or the perfect person to be with can mean we miss out on a whole heap of fun.  It can stifle our creativity because we are frightened of making a mistake and of the end result not being perfect.  We can miss out on a whole bunch of photos with our kids because our hair or make up isn’t perfect.  Or we can miss a deadline because our work isn’t perfect.

I wasn’t entirely happy with this LO when I submitted it for this month’s challenge at Scrapbookers Anonymous.

I thought the handwriting looked scruffy, but I needed to get it in on time to hit the deadline and I knew that if I didn’t it would be hanging over me, stopping me create anything new. So I sent it off and created 3 more pages while I pondered what to do about the writing.

I had an idea, but what’s a girl to do when she doesn’t have enough mini alphas to complete the job? Answer – photocopy them onto satin photo paper of course!

So I cut out the alphas I needed, stuck on some extra journalling blocks to support the longer word strings and got busy with the glue.

Puddle Duck says I’ve spoiled it. I sent the new version to Theresa and Lea and they posted the original handwritten version on the website, so I guess they like that one better too. Seeing them now together I think I do prefer the first one.  In trying to get it perfect I’ve had the opposite effect – what do you think?

There’s plenty more inspiration from the rest of the design team, so please join us at Scrapbookers Anonymous for this month’s challenge by making a LO using your journalling blocks. All mine were handcut from a sheet of American Crafts paper. It’s not often I use all one range of papers, but I knew this page was going to be so busy the papers had to hang together. And the chipboard flowers worked well layered on journalling circles with buttons and butterflies.

I don’t want to make this post too long, but if you want to get a closer look at the photos I used you can find them here.

My page isn’t perfect, but it’s growing on me. And I know that it doesn’t have to be the best, so long as I have done my best. And I’ll just leave you with this little Amish pearl of wisdom, which is echoed in different forms in other cultures. When the Amish make a quilt they will deliberately make a mistake because only God is perfect and can make perfect things.

Don’t let perfection hold you back!


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  1. I love your LO and how you’ve used the journaling spot and the word summer. I’ve got to say I prefer the handwritten one, it pops off the page and I love to see people’s handwriting,your’s is certainly not messy. Hope to see you on Saturday.xxxx

  2. I agree with Puddle Duck, Theresa and Lea – the first is so charming with your handwriting – and there is more contrast with the black pen than the cutout letters.

    Having said that – copying the letters to satin photo paper was pure genius!!

    Love your layout girl!!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your process. I can relate to it too, when sometimes I think a layout in my head but in the real it is not like I thought. Love the first one though. Like the colors and the handwritten sentiments. and the tip for the second one it is awesome!

  4. First off they are both super pages – and a very clever way of capturing elements of a season – I think I’m going to have to nab this idea 😀
    Secondly – über clever way to extend the life of tiny alpha sets – must try and remember to scan each one in before I start using them … just in case I need a 23rd “w” or something!
    Thirdly, I have to agree that I do actually prefer the first handwritten page over the second one … although I like the way “Summer” stands out more on the second page, the tiny alphas are pretty hard to read (may be better in real life), plus it’s lovely to have your own handwriting on pages and I like the black lettering highlighting the black birds & butterflies of the paper.
    BUT if we’d never seen the first page, we’d all still have loved the second one, so don’t beat yourself up about it!!!

  5. Yeah, we liked the first one better! We’re both a fan of handwriting on a layout and I personally like how the black stands out. And as far as the overall layout, LOVE how you used those journaling spots, very creative way to do the title and journaling and an awesome design element.

  6. I like both, but I have to agree that the handwriting is so unique and pops and contrasts well with the paper…
    the way you used the journaling spots is awesome. very clever idea.

  7. You know, I’m going to agree that I prefer the handwritten version, too. It just pops a bit more. But I can totally understand your dissatisfaction with your handwriting, I struggle with that all the time. We need to just get over it, I guess! 🙂

  8. Julie, that strange plant is germinating wheat left in the dark, typical of countries in Liguria, in the period of Easter. Thanks for your all kind comments on my blog. I’m a disaster: I have no time to comment all I would. Your work is fantastic too. See you.

  9. Love the design of the layout, and I do love the handwritten one. I think in the end when we see our handwriting on layouts, it’s more personable and those we share the layouts with (family) appreciate it more (at least that’s what I keep telling myself 🙂

  10. I really love the design of both! The handwritten page has charm, and I like the other page a great deal, too….it is a different “take”! 🙂 I loved this whole post a lot. My dad is a HUGE perfectionist, and as a matter of nurture, he cultivated that in me as well. Your comment about the Amish leaving something imperfect in each quilt is a lovely thought, and something to ponder. Sometimes imperfection can be more beautiful than something that we consider “perfect.” 🙂 Beautiful job, Julie! 🙂

  11. I love this idea of spelling out Summer and what it means to you. And BTW, I also prefer the first one with your handwriting 😉 Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

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