A Good Forgettery


Reading through Puddle Duck’s exercise book during parents evening, I came to a description of her morning routine. It went something like this…

Grandma wakes me up with a drink. Then I get up and I go in the bathroom. I wash my face and I forget to brush my teeth…..

HHHmmm – funny how she remembers she always forgets.

She’s always forgetting things (could be hereditary I’ll admit). But the best one is when she’s upset after being corrected for bad behaviour.

‘I’m sorry Mommy, sometimes I forget to be good!’

This story was brought to you as part of Story Telling Sunday. You can find more (and more substantial) stories here.


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  1. Short stories are cool! I’m a short person and they suit me ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love this real little slice of life. You can say a lot with a little. Thanks for the story today Julie (oh, and I love the title too!)

  2. Well, you know that I can certainly relate to this kind of story … the funny little things they say, always puts a smile on my face … I have parent teacher interviews tonight – I wonder what might happen?

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