Lists Can be Fun

2 September

I’m sure everyone does shopping lists and a lot of us do to do lists for work, but lists don’t have to be boring.  This summer Puddle Duck and I did a list at the start of my 2 week holiday of things we wanted to do.  On Friday we were able to tick a few more off that list.

Puddle Duck finished her intensive swimming course and got her Water Skills badge.

Then we headed off to Birmingham to meet the Drake. This steam locomotive was standing at Moor Street station – having the Selfridges building as a backdrop gives a good contrast between old transport and modern architecture (plus it’s her favourite building).

Then we spotted some photo opportunities from the list for the Scavenger hunt on Rhinda’s blog.

I think this is the nearest we will get to graffiti art:

Petitioning to save the markets:

We had lunch at our favourite restaurant:

Then, after shopping and meeting The Drake, we saw this amazing street artist:

It’s a long walk to the SeaLife Centre, so Puddle Duck needed a sit down in Chamberlain Square:

Another photo to tick off the list – inside Birmingham War Memorial.

We had a sharktastic time at the Sea Life Centre.

And what else to follow that, than a bowl of Bouillabase in a pavement cafe near the canal:

I’m not sure which of these glass buildings to use for the scavenger hunt:

The Cube

The Hyatt

We haven’t managed to do everything on the list but we had a fun time completing what we did. There’s still a photo or two left to do on the scavenger hunt. If anyone knows where I can see a beehive or a unicycle, please let me know.

If you want to check our progress with the scavenger hunt, click here.


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  1. Now, you have both done extremely well! I love the graffiti art you found and is that drawing of the Girl with the Pearl Earring done with chalk? We have artists like that is the city here too.

  2. Great progress on the scavenger hunt! I managed to check one more off this weekend, but I’m still looking for four! I love the way you’ve organized them in Facebook!

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