An Erudite Child?


A trip to Legoland was on our list of things to do this summer.  We went with The Best Friend:

We toured the sights of Mini Land – starting in London.

They were still celebrating the wedding at Buckingham Palace.
Then we toured the castles:


Somewhere in Belgium

A Scottish film set

(No shortage here for photo scavenger hunters!)
They were performing Hamlet as we passed the Minack Thatre:

‘To be or not to be..’ quoted the speaker.

‘That’s Shakespeare’ said Puddle Duck.  Pretty impressive for a Key Stage 1 student I thought.

Later I asked her where she had heard Shakespeare.  William did it in ‘Just William’ on TV she told me.  Who said watching TV doesn’t teach them anything.

This story was brought to you as part of Story Telling Sunday. You can find more (and more substantial) stories here.


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  1. I think it is quite incredible what children are taught these days – the level of scientific knowledge my son has at the age of eight is quite amazing … speaking of my son, he would have loved that day out!

  2. I like stories with lots of pictures 🙂 My favourite one here has to be Buckingham Palace with the celebrations. I’m glad you showed us that one. Thanks Julie

  3. Fabulous photo’s. My son went years ago and it rained all day for them! Until now I always think of Lego land in the rain. Thanks for changing my view.

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