Ten Things I Have Learned This Month


Last year I took part in Shimelle’s Learn Something New Every Day – I took a photo every day and posted it on Facebook with notes of what I had learned.  I also created a minibook:

To take a look inside the book click here.

This year it has been harder to do.  Last year I was working part time – this year I am not just full time but working extra hours because we are under staffed.  I’ve been keeping my notes in the diary I bought for Explore and I blogged my lesson for 2nd September here.  Now it’s 10th and my list of ten things is my ‘catch up’ post of the ten things I have learned so far this month.

1. Tidying up can wait.  It’s better to rest and get rid of my headache. (The photo shows the aftermath of the kiddy crop!)

2.  Lists can be fun.

3.  It’s the Groom’s family that keep the bride waiting at a Sikh wedding.  I learnt a whole load of other things about sikh wedding traditions (obvs. which will make a post of its own!)

4.  Spinning Fairground rides make me feel sick.  That’s new and yet another sign that I am getting old.

5.  It doesn’t matter how often you explain, there are always some people who will NEVER understand.

6.  I have a new high total for views of my blog in one day – 71 on 31 August!  Now that may not seem many, but when I started less than 5 months ago I was worried no-one would be interested.  I am amazed and truly grateful to all you wonderful people who pop by on a regular basis and leave me a comment.  Thanks guys!

7.  Sometimes you need to open the box to really know what’s inside.  Having to keep this one cryptic for now – shh, shhh, Mom’s the word and all that.

8.  I may have to go to court.  No, it’s OK, don’t worry, I haven’t done anything wrong.  I had a car accident way back in March, the other driver pulled out on me but they haven’t responded to the personal injury claim.  So my solicitor has issued court proceedings to get my excess back etc.

9.  Beware exploding apple crumbles.  I got a bag of cooking apples from work (one of my co-workers has too many).  The Grandma made a lovely pie last night, but Puddle Duck wanted apple crumble.  Grandma made one in a ramekin and it exploded in the oven.  In over 65 years of cooking she has never had that happen before!

10. If you lose something, you will invariably find it hiding in plain sight after the immediate need for it has passed.  In this instance, if I had done the aforementioned tidy in No. 1 above, my adhesive pearls may not have been hiding in the pile of embellishments I went through several times in my hunt for them.

There will be more posts to come, expanding on this theme.  I’m going to try the counterfeit kit challenge this month for my Learn Something New Album (hence the search for adhesive pearls!) and there are heaps of extra challenges this month to celebrate Scrapbookers Anonymous‘ first birthday.  Unfortunately I also need to finish a report, do my expenses claim and timesheet for work this weekend, so I doubt there will be much time for crafting.  What have you got planned?

This post was brought to you as part of Shimelle’s Ten on the Tenth.


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  1. Very wonderful, Julie. So sorry about the court though, ….ugh. 😦 I’ll be thinking of you, and hoping things go well. T
    The ten things posts are always such a treat for me to read, and yours is so interesting and helps me to get to know you better. 🙂
    Thank you so much for all of your encouraging words on my recent posts. I appreciate all of you kindness. ❤

  2. Love the wedding photo – looking forward to hearing & seeing more about that! I’m with you on the dizzy rides – never ever enjoyed the teacups and am now at least old enough to not have to accompany children on them – I’ll happily watch and wave!

  3. great post. I have to say that I am no longer fond of rides or spinning myself. i use to love them and rollercoasters too. I had a chance to scrap Friday night with Lea, but the rest of the weekend has been full of activities… today I may try to whip out a couple crafty things.. just too much to do. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  4. Love your post and your book pics are great!!
    Lol cause spinning rides make me feel ill too.
    Today once i have checked out more ten things on the tenth posts i am heading out to my shed to finish a layout and tidy up the mess i make,lol.
    Enjoy your day.

  5. I love lists & I can definitely relate to a few of those! I’m sorry about the car accident, that really sucks when you have to go through those things… [I used to work for a personal injury/accident attorney’s office] they take a long time & are a real pain. Hopefully it will all work out great though!! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


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