Counterfeiting LSNED

Or Exploring new ways of learning…..

So do you remember the diary I bought to use as my Explore play book? Well this is how it’s going.

I decorated the cover…

and the inside of the plastic cover…..

I may do a little more to the inner cover….






And then I started my first attempt at art journalling with the first prompts….

…and then I stalled. Life took over. I did some blog posts and I created some 12 X 12 pages inspired by the course but I just wasn’t feeling the love for this book.

Then it was time for Learn Something New Every Day (LSNED) and I knew I had to have a way to record what I had learned every day, so that I could blog and scrap properly when I had more time. And what better place than a diary, right?

But it looked so plain – it needed brightening up – I needed a kit. I’ve had the Counterfeit Kit Challenge in my Google Reader for a while but my monthly crop is the first Sunday of the month, so I’ve generally got the month’s scrapping planned by the time the kit to counterfeit is revealed. This month was going to be different – I would counterfeit the kit and use it for LSNED.

So I waited patiently for 5th September for a reveal of not one but two kits from Sweet Peach Crop Shop and this is my version of the sweet main kit:

and an add on kit:

This is my version of the Juicy kit:

I’ve focused on the vintage merchandising for this one (which fits in with something else I have on the crafty back burner).  It also uses the reverse sides of two papers in the other main kit.

And since this is for LSNED I just had to do a Back to School add on kit.

I think they will all get mixed up together but so far they have given me a little kick start with brightening up that diary/play book/journal:

I made a pocket to keep the order of service (and explanation for non-Sikhs) from the gorgeous envelope in which the wedding invitation came. The pocket is also proving very useful for keeping safe the darling little embellishment I received from Miss Smith for her celebration blog hop. I now have my idea for a more permanent and fitting use for it. So until then, happy scrapping peeps and don’t forget to pop by and join in one of the fantastic mini challenges at Srapbookers Anonymous.


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  1. Great kits – and I love that you’re reworking the Explore book – I didn’t do the last week – maybe I’ll revisit it one day and actually fiinish it! I’m sure you’ll have fun with your lovely kits

  2. Wow, I love how you are using the internet for ideas, inspiration and problem solving. I was intrigued by your comment about having your month’s scrapping planned by your monthly crop. I’m a bit of an organizational junkie/nerd, and would love to read more about that, if you think it would ever have the makings of a blog post!

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