A Double Helping


Ten on the Tenth (X2)

Tenth of October already????  It feels like October is slipping away from me already.  Have you noticed how time seems to go faster as you get older?  Well, here are ten more signs that I am getting old:

  1. I need to colour my hair to cover the grey
  2. I need to wear reading glasses
  3. I drive the same car as my Dad – and worse, mine’s the diesel version!!!
  4. I can’t see to thread the needle on my sewing machine
  5. I prefer to listen to Radio 2 than Radio 1
  6. I don’t know who is No.1 in the charts (or recognise the bands on Shimelle’s playlist)
  7. My best friend is a grandmother (and she is 12 months younger than me)
  8. I am the same age as the parents of some of my work colleagues
  9. I would rather watch TV than go out drinking and clubbing
  10. I don’t walk round with a phone or MP3 player glued to my ear

Actually, it did make me feel better to find out that Nancy Del’Ollio is only 3 years older than me – she seems so much older!

Now you know I’m not keen on photo free posts, so here’s a bit of a cheat with another ten on the tenth.  This time from Puddle Duck and our Sunday at Dudley Library, digging history and The Rock and Fossil Road Show.

Ten ways to get your hands on history

  1. Make a time capsule
  2. Do a dinosaur quiz
  3. Hold fossilised pooh (seriously, she did – for real)
  4. Paint a glass screen
  5. Do a dinosaur jigsaw
  6. Go on a dinosaur hunt
  7. Make a badge
  8. Stroke a hissing cockroach
  9. Pull shark teeth from a lucky dip
  10. Make a mosaic

And yes we did do all this in one day – and more.  We also made a bird box, but I couldn’t work out how that fitted into a list about getting your hands on history!

Pass the Page is on its way.  I finished my page last night and it is now just down the road in Stourbridge with Candace.  I’ll post a full list of all the participants next time. Until then I’ll be busy trying to come up with a page for this month’s alphabet challenge at Scrapbookers Anonymous.  Now cockroach starts with a C……..


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  1. Arrghhh – not sure about the hissing cockroach but love the rest of your history entries – sounds like a wonderful event.

    Had to laugh at your getting older entries too – quite a few apply to me too.

  2. Loving these lists… I can relate to the getting older list…lol… of course, born with pitch black hair, I started to go gray at 15… and have been dyeing it back to black since! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Wow, I could have written that first list! Haven’t kept up with the latest music in years. And thankfully, there’s no hissing cockroaches around. (at least that I’m aware of!)

  4. I loved reading your list, I can relate to some of them. It looked like puddle duck had a great Sunday. Glad to hear you’re coming to the Cropaganza, they are always good fun, you’ll have a fab time.xxxx

  5. I got my first grey hair AND needed glasses at the young age of 22, so they definitely don’t count 🙂 Nope, I won’t allow you to be old yet, so there! 😉

    Love the history list – my two would love to do all those things (and have indeed done many of them!)

  6. I can relate here too, Julie. 🙂 I started getting my first greys in high school, though. Sigh.
    I definitely feel like I can relate to the grandmothers a bit better than the new mothers these days, too. Thanks for always being a cheerful voice on my blog. You are one of the best bloggy friends out there. ❤ (and I loved the hissing cockroach pic. fabulous).

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