A Riot of Ribbons


If September was a busy month, October must have been even busier.  I’ve been busy most weekends and I’ve hardly had time to blog or craft.  And I can’t apologise enough to all the lovely ladies who have posted entries to Scrapbookers Anonymous in October, that I just haven’t been able to go through and leave you all a comment.

There’ll be more time to craft in November with Cropaganza on 5th and Lizzie’s craft weekend later in the month. With a wedding in Leeds to fit in too it’s going to be a very busy month yet again.  Can someone please postpone Christmas? – I need a month off to recover!

A new month means a new challenge at Scrapbookers Anonymous and this month is to use your ribbons.  This is such a good challenge for me.  I have literally miles of the stuff and I don’t use it nearly so much as I should.  It’s so versatile I think the choice and options are a bit overwhelming sometimes.  That’s certainly what I found when I sat down to complete this challenge.  I think I went through all of my ribbons and the funny thing is that the ribbons which inspired my page weren’t even used!

It was a red, aqua and white stripe which caught my eye – such a classic combination, and a white one with red hearts, stars and flowers in circles.  I knew I had some papers in the right colour scheme, so I sat down with the papers and a pile of ribbon and ended up creating this:

Can you tell I’ve been soaking up the inspiration from Shimelle’s Pretty Paper Party?  This wasn’t made with a specific prompt in mind, so it would fit in with distressing or two colours and a neutral.  I haven’t included any journalling – I want to make some LOs to record Puddle Duck’s career aspirations as she grows up and this one is so unusual for a 7 year old girl.

The rosettes are made using a technique I’ve been dying to try from a fabric jewellery book I bought a while back.  I cut two concentric circles from an ice-cream box (the card is thicker than cereal boxes and I went forward and back through the Bigshot a few times to make sure it was cut) to give me a ring, as you would use for making pompoms.  Then I wrapped the ribbon round and round the card, NOT through the middle.  When it was covered I took a needle and thread and sewed a circle around the middle (this is why you need a ring rather than a solid circle of card), making sure to secure all the passes of ribbon.  I then got the scissors, cut the ribbon edges and removed the card.  I covered the stitching with circles of card, buttons and sticky jewels. I think I’ll try again with a mix of finer ribbons – these ones are pretty solid.

But really the thing I am proudest of on this page is the paint.  Not that I finally got round to using it this way on a LO, but that I mixed the colour myself.  I used loads of white, a bit of windsor blue and a the tiniest smidgen of lemon yellow.  I think it turned out a pretty good match.  The first coat was a little dark, so I added some more white and dry brushed it over the top.

If you want to try mixing aqua yourself, do not use ultramarine blue or cadmium yellow – they have too much red pigment in them and you won’t get a bright, clear colour.  Make sure you use a cool blue and yellow.

The papers are Dream Street International – a range called Delight, so you may see them resurface later this month as we reach for our D themed stash at Scrapbookers Anonymous.

You have until the end of the month to get crafty with your ribbons and win a great prize. Just link up your project at Scrapbookers Anonymous.  Here are some other ideas for using ribbons on your LOs:

You can make roses, by twisting and folding and stitching the bottom as you go to hold it in place.
I did these pink ones as part of Shimelle’s 4X6 Photo Love and I’ll be sharing the full page at a later date.
If these roses seem a little too complicated you can always simply use a running stitch to gather one edge and make a rosette.
If sewing’s not your thing, cover a circle of card with double sided sticky tape and then, starting in the middle  twist and coil your ribbon until the card is covered.
Or for something a little bigger try this circle of ribbon loops inspired by Daphne
(the purple strip is straight – it’s just that the page was bowed when I took the photo.)
For something a little more subtle, you could try three little embellishments in the corner of the page.
Whatever you do, don’t stick the buttons down with glue dots, as I did and then decide to sew them on.  The needle gets covered with the glue, making it hard work to sew and clean the needle afterwards.
Then there is always the use of ribbon instead of a strip of paper, either laid flat and adhered with brads:
Or ruffled for a bit of dimension.  This one was stitched, due to its guazy nature, but you can achieve a similar effect with double sided tape.
Well that should give you enough ideas to get the ribbon out and get crafting.
Lizzie has the Pass the Page this week – I can’t believe how much it has changed already – it’s totally unrecognisable from the one I did only four weeks ago.

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  1. I have a 13 year old who has fancied being a scientist since she was about 7 too 🙂 One of the best days of her life has been when her Dad brought her home some Dry Ice to investigate!

    I do love that aqua red and white colour combination

  2. Lots of lovely ideas in here – I like the twisted ribbons flower especially and looking forward to more about how to do the roses – they look beautiful.

  3. Great use of your ribbon, love all the ideas and I do adore the color scheme in your first layout. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words. I will miss the SA Design Team, but I’ll still be around!

  4. Oooh yesss! I have Pass the Page and I have Passed it On (well back to Julie anyway)! But the rest will have to wait and see it at the end!

    Julie, what a lot of gorgeous and colourful scrapping. I love the paper flowers you made for your page – and the theme of the page too. The lettering is great. And I love to mix my own colours too – thanks for the advice about the blue base for an aqua tint!

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