10 go to Coalport


I know I’m a bit late for 10 on the 10th, but I made a 10 photo layout especially and a post about the Blogger’s Crafting Weekend is well over due.  There’s a list of tens in this post, so lets start with ten crafty bloggers:-

Lesley of Adventures in Pickle Land

Alexa of Simply Alexa

Liz of Lizziemade

Julie J (that’s me and you are here!)

Kirsty of .K’s

Clair of An Obstinate Pursuit

Mel of I Speak Melsh

Ruth of Chatty Crafty Arty Pig

Jo of Curly Scrapbooker

Jemma of Just Jim Jams

And a 10 photo LO of memories from a weekend scoring a perfect 10!

Credit to Mel for the photos of Lizzie's Welcome sign, Kirsty's cake and Clair's gift wrapping.

I did 10 pages while I was there – two 12X12 and 8 for my Christmas Journal:

The first 12X 12 was on Friday night for Ruth’s challenge to make something using 10 things – each donated by each of us.  In the event we had more than ten.  Here’s the little and large of the event using all the items – my 12 X 12 LO (based on the 9 photo LO from 4X6 Photo Love) and Jemma’s card.

My other 12 X 12 is staying under wraps for now, because it is part of a larger challenge which I will blog after it finishes in January next year.

Here are my eight journal pages.

Thank-you to Jo for the little checked reindeer – I hope you approve of his new home.

I made them using stash sent as part of the Soul Scrappers’ Quest, plus papers I have had since forever. And I have since made a few more:

I now have 10 pockets filled in my Christmas Journal:




















Thanks to Jemma for the tag.  I added some glitter to the tree, which is part of this month’s Scrapbookers Anonymous challenge.

We also have 10 pages completed in the Pass the Page, which is now with Jemma.  It was great meeting some of the Ladies passing the page and I am so looking forward to the big reveal in the blog hop in January.

So that’s an end to my lists of 10 things, but before I go, please be sure to visit Scrapbookers Anonymous – I’m sure at least one of your crafting items this month will feature tags and glitter (as did a couple of my journal pages so far), which is the criteria this month.

And finally a final LO from the weekend.  To record our walk from Coalport to Iron Bridge and Jo’s exclamation on seeing this view of the bridge!

I think this is a Stage A LO and it will get some journalling – one day when I have time!


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  1. Oh Fab Julie! That was well worth “saving” for 10 on the Tenth. I never thought of that idea – how clever!
    I love the page you made, with all of us in the big photo and the wonderful circles on the right. Lovely!
    It was a good weekend and I was pleased to get to know you too. I hope I was a well-behaved “roomy”!

  2. What a super idea! I have no idea how you managed to make so many lovely pages with all that lovely chatting going on! Lovely to meet you in person …

  3. FABULOUS 10 hun 🙂 & absolutely beautiful layouts ….. as always **tuts & rolls eyes with jealousy** 😉
    Can I be cheeky & ask if you could pretty please send me a few of the photos you got from the day? & I’ll get that copyright sorted asap **blush** lol
    Would be fab to see you again hun, just gimme a yell anytime you’re gonna be near by 🙂

    Kiddies & mouth tape – bloomin things barely shut up long enough to get the piccy, it was changed several times coz it kept getting soggy & unstuck from all the chatter, though Zack (the eldest) did yelp the first time, oops, lol, no scars left though – all good fun…. I’ll do a scrapbook page of a few of the “out takes” soon & blog it, some are v.amusing.

  4. You’ve been so productive! It sounds like a wonderful weekend and you’ve made beautiful projects. I really love the first page with the 10 photos – great idea 😀

  5. wow… you have been busy.. so many wonderful projects. I’m envious. I have not done much crafting at all. loving what you are doing with your Christmas Journal.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.
    hugs. =)

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