Welcome 2012


And New Challenges

The first day of 2012 and I hope you all had a good time heralding in the new year and are not too worse for wear this morning.

And of course as it’s the first of the month it’s time for another new challenge from Scrapbookers Anonymous.  This time Theresa and Lea have decided on painting.  Luckily for me the latest LO in the series I am doing over at Soul Scrappers also requires painting as the technique, so I have only the one LO instead of two to do at this busy time of the year.

I signed up for the Sense-ational Summer Contest at Soul Scrappers, which is being organised by the in-exhaustable Shazza.  There are 5 rounds and I’ve already picked up 2 prizes in the first three rounds (go me).  I’m currently running second with the lovely Sandra Robinson in first place (and with a 15 point lead she is going to be hard to catch).

Now I was planning on showing you all five LOs at the same time, but there is still one sense to scrap after this, so taste has to come out now.

The Grandma always says ‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream’ when we buy an ice-cream, so it was the obvious title and as we had to include three fonts in the title a long title helps.  The other requirements were ribbon, two photos, circles and the more paint the better.

This LO followed a different design process to normal, so bear with me while I go through it.  (You are allowed to skip this next bit if you’re not interested!).  I had my photos, a title and the bling ice cream cornet to work with and  picked up this sketch by Keri, from Melissa Stinson’s blog:

Yeah I know – it underwent a few modifications.  I was mulling over what paint techniques I could use to fill the grid spaces when I dropped on this post of Mel’s.  Printing with bubble wrap – perfect for circles.  So I went on a hunt for bubble wrap, but The Grandma had been round and done one of her ‘you need to get rid of this clutter’ routines, so I wasn’t holding out much hope.  Then I found some in my craft room, but huge bubbles, could it work?  And then I saw it – gently cradling the mug and paints waiting to be used from a kit, previously removed from its box during an attempt to create more space; small bubble bubble wrap. (Are you managing to keep up?  Oh good, I’ll continue)

So I had two sizes of bubble wrap and decided to print small pink bubbles over large cream bubbles.  For anyone who’s interested, I used acrylic paint and mixed the cream using white and a blob of naples yellow, while the strawberry pink was white with a spot of cadmium red (for the uninitiated, a spot is smaller than a blob).  Now this is where the design process strayed a little from the norm: I usually rigidly follow a sketch, pretty well know what I want to do or I have a concept and push photos, paper and embellishments around my page (leaving space for title and journalling) until I’m happy.  This page fell into the concept category but with no pp and only one embellishment chosen there wasn’t a lot to move around.  I ended up cutting each size of bubble wrap into a square the size the of the photos and a rectangle the size of two photos.  Then I printed large cream bubbles, with small, strawberry pink bubbles on top, hoping I would have a jaunty grid.

I placed (without sticking) the photos and stuck and rubbed on the title.  I then removed the photos before splattering with mallow and frosted white glimmer mist.  I wish I had in progress photos, because I have never done a LO with the title so early on.  Once the photos were stuck down it was back to the normal process of finding and shuffling embellishments (although at this point I was wishing I could move things!)

Well there you have it – a rather long winded explanation of how I did my painted page.  I’m hoping to get my Christmas Journal finished, I’ll be back on 10th for 10 on the 10th and hopefully on 15th with the next Scrapbookers Anonymous A-Z challenge and I’m also starting Miss Smith’s sketch class on 15th.  All the money raised is going to Girl Guiding UK and I initially bought this as a present for Puddle Duck but somehow I think I’ll be doing it.  We’re also going to be doing the Pass the Page blog hop this month.  The Page is currently with Lisa-Jane and will then be going down under to Deb in Australia before returning to the UK to Alexa.

Until then, may I wish you a very Prosperous 2012 and I’ll be by to leave you a comment if you manage to brush off your paints and brushes for the Scrapbookers Anonymous Challenge.


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  1. I loveeeeeeeeeeee your lo…and thanks for sharing how you did it … I tried bubble painting once and had an epic fail! lol!! I loveeee the photos and that bling ice cream cone! Happy New Year! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I love how this turned out. Using the 2 sizes of bubble wrap looks great! I tried the bubble wrap thing once with ink and it turned out okay, but I’m going to have to give paint a try!

  3. Hi Julie **waves**, hope you dont mind but I’ve sent you a message on fb
    **hurries away cloaked in her long coat, hat pulled down low, just allowing her eyes to peak out while thy dart shiftly from side to side, stereotypically like the stalker she is**

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