Better Late than Never


So here we are, over a week into 2012 and I haven’t done anything remotely resembling a review of 2011 and goals for 2012.  It’s worth doing – look at the good things from last year, so I can do more of the same; and the not so good, so I can make improvements this year.

Lets start with the good things.  Craftwise I did most of Shimelle’s 4 X 6 PhotoLove course prompts.  Made some record for the majority of Learn Something New in September and finished Journal Your Christmas.  I took part in a number of challenges, had some of my LOs added to Shimelle’s favourites, pinned in Pinterest and picked up a few small prizes along the way (all from Soul Scrappers).

I also got on the Design Team for Scrapbookers Anonymous and started this blog on 28th April.  When I started, I was worried that no-one would be interested, but in that time I have had a staggering 4,100 views!!!  You can see the full stats here.  Thank-you to all of you who have become regular visitors and commenters – especially Julie Tucker-Wolek, who tops the commenters chart.

My other concern was the amount of time it would take up and that, I’m afraid, has been realised.  I need to find a way of being more efficient and now have a Smart phone so I can do some blog visiting at work during my lunch break, reducing time on the computer at night.

The not so good things on the craft front?  The number of projects I have not finished or not even started and a couple of Shimelle courses I have signed up to and not really fully participated.

Good things at home – Puddle Duck and I visited some great places together and had some fun times.  I need to start recording these better so that I can actually remember them.  Oh yes, of course – that ‘s why I scrapbook.

Not so good – we didn’t actually get to go on holiday last year – something that MUST be added to my goals for 2012.  My work-life balance is completely up the creek and needs sorting out pronto.  I haven’t been able to keep on top of the housework – let alone complete all of the projects which need doing.

On a more positive note I am on target financially to be able to cut down my hours to part time working sometime in 2014/2015, which isn’t so far away.  And I already started the New Year with an invitation to join the Soul Scrappers Design Team.  I’ll be hosting a challenge once every three weeks on the site, so I hope you’ll be able to join us.

So what about some goals for 2012?  I am very good at setting myself on with too much, so to avoid setting myself up to fail, I shall try to keep the list real:

  • Complete my DT assignments earlier, so I’m not rushing at the last minute (already doing well with this one!)
  • Complete my 2010 Cruise album (already done 2 pages – yeah)
  • Make a scrapbook for Paul and Kayle of their wedding
  • Get a LO published
  • Make sure I participate, rather than just watch, Miss Smith’s Just one Sketch Course (my first post on this is scheduled for Wednesday)
  • Get some (if not all) of my unfinished projects completed.
  • Get my scrap space sorted properly
  • Take a course for organising photos (can anyone recommend a good one?)
  • Take at least one holiday (to see Santa in Lapland and hopefully a summer one too.)
  • Take Puddle Duck to the Yorvik Centre in York (this term’s project is Vikings)
  • Have a weekend in London with Puddle Duck
  • Get the garden redesign started (at this rate, by the time we get it done Puddle Duck will be too old for that playhouse!!)

And I think that will do.  I’d love to decorate the living room and the hall and landing and I know I really should get a new roof on the garage and the door and window frames at the front need some work and the front garden needs a makeover too – including a new drive.  But I also know that list is totally unrealistic and it will just get me down when I don’t achieve them, so I won’t put them on the list.  I also know that I need to change jobs, but I need to get myself a plan for that one.  And eat better and take some exercise are too vague, but I will need to include something like that during the year.

Hope to see you back again on Wednesday for my top ten LOs of 2011, but before I go, is this the coolest looking cup you have ever seen?  It was a Christmas present from The Aunt and Uncle.


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  1. So loving the book and how it turned out :):):):):):):):) And love love love your goals for this year!! I don’t know of any photo sorting courses, I just know there are a lot of ‘systems’ out there that share what works for them… :):):):):) For me its by event :):):):):):) And thanks for the shout out… you are too sweet! :):):):):):):):):):):)

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