Top 10 from 2011


I completed 75 scrapbook pages last year – 66 single pages, 5 double pages and 2 digital pages.  These are my 10 favourite pages, in roughly chronological order:

The first is Shimelle inspired – this was from the Jenni Bowlin on-line crop. I love that texture has replaced pattern for a simple look and the pop of colour in the corner.

Next is one from my cruise scrapbook album – this was inspired by the title from a challenge on Soul Scrappers. I think I had another Shimelle sketch in the back of my mind for this one. Lots more embellishment this time.

Next was inspired by a grid based LO in a Simple Scrapbooking magazine and has black and white photos (but with a strangely blue tint once printed!!). My first LO as a DT member at Scrapbookers Anonymous:

Next one is another from my cruise album and was a scraplift from Theresa.

Next up is of Puddle Duck’s birthday party, based on a Jen Makartis sketch, from her Stretch Your Sketch Course. I love these photos taken by Beth Robinson of Model Birthdays. The embellishments were from a Soul Scrappers Quest challenge.

Next one was created for Miss Smith‘s 200th blog post blog hop and was inspired by the embellishment she made, her use of ledger paper backgrounds and lots of journalling.

Next up is the only two pager, created from Shimelle’s 4X6 Photo Love course. Love the fact that I finally got round to scrapping some photos from our trip to Euro Disney. I also did some photo editing to make the photos more dramatic.

This is possibly one of my all time favourites, based on another Shimelle sketch with a scattering (literally) of inspiration from Julie Kirk’s Going Postal Series.

Another grid LO, this time inspired by Mel‘s artwork and a no photo LO, created for Scrapbookers Anonymous.

And finally one of my latest LOs – again for Scrapbookers Anonymous. I love the clean fresh colours and white space.

As part of Miss Smith’s Just One Sketch Course, she wanted us to pick our six favourite LOs from the last year and use them to identify our style. I’ve looked for common elements between these and I am struggling. Numbers of photos range from zero to seven. I have two grids (plus a wonky grid with squares of pp). I have some with no journalling, some with minimal journalling and some with a mini essay. Some have paint, mist and splatters. Some have ribbon, lace and texture. A couple have borders. A couple have clusters of embellishment but the rest have pretty minimal embellishment. Some have negative space, while others cover all the space.

The best I can come up with as common denominators are:

  • more than one font in the title
  • I don’t use loads of patterned paper
  • I don’t usually use a load of embellishment – I like my photos to take centre stage, but when I do I go for clustering
  • None have different sized photos on the same LO – this I can identify as a change in style. My early LOs were dominated by a single larger photo with a number of smaller ‘supporting’ photos (like this one)

If anyone can see anything which would define my scrapbooking style I’d be interested in reading your comments.

This post was brought to you as part of Shimelle’s ten on the tenth


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  1. Definitely some beautiful creations from 2011. I don’t really see a common denominator to define your style, you scrapbook in a wide range of styles about a wide range of items and I love that!

  2. Well, I don’t know how I missed the Life Map layout the first time – brilliant!! My fave of all time, though, has to be the “Bee” layout! They are all lovely – you should be proud of this year’s scrapping accomplishments!!!!

  3. A great 10 Julie – beautiful pages – my faves are the map, spring, family & Blackpool. For me the Bee one is too Miss Smith LOL – SHE definitely has a recognisable style!
    I’m not sure I want a recognisable style tbh – but the common features from these pages include bold colours (shades and combos), interesting embellishments (postage stamps, felt buttons, butterflies) in lots of layers and strong clear photos.

  4. A great set of layouts. I love the pirate page. And I love the Blackpool Lights with the doll showing off the layout. That is priceless. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog. 😀

  5. Gosh, you have such a wonderfully varied style, it;’s hard to add anything else. Perhaps a keen sense of colour? That top one is such a lovely combination.

  6. These are gorgeous, and I see what you mean about not necessarily having one style. However, I think you do seem to use block of patterned paper and often use designs that cover most of the page. And I agree with your bullet points. It doesn’t have to be definite anyway, just a few ideas!

    This is a really amazing review of the year.

  7. I’m so impressed with the number of pages you completed last year. Except for a couple of mini-albums and my Christmas Journal, my scrapping took a back seat in 2011. Hope to change it in 2012. My favorites are the first and last pages in this review.

  8. How great that you can look back over your layouts and identify some common characteristics! Your collection is very appealing and the photos with all those little pirates is adorable!

  9. Those are all very lovely layouts Julie, I think my favourite is the Bee one. Well done on scrapping that many layouts!

    A great idea for Shimelle’s 10 on the tenth 🙂

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