Pass the Page Blog Hop


Well we’re finally here – the end of the game which started way back in October last year to celebrate my 50th blog post (I’m past 65 now btw).

I’m in a unique position writing this – I’m the only one who has seen all of the pages – until, that is, someone goes through the full list of blogs. And I think you’re in for a surprise or two.

I guess I’d better get the party started and show you my page:

I took these photos in September at Gullivers World. I knew I wanted to record the memory – it was the smell of burnt carbon from the sparks that struck me as I watched the cars whizzing round. I used to love bumper cars but after getting whiplash injuries in 2 car accidents and my spine being misaligned at the neck, it’s definitely a ride I have to sit out these days.

Using a flash wouldn’t have worked, but the poor lighting meant I needed a slow shutter speed, so needless to say they weren’t the best quality shots. My only solution was to print the photos small and hope that the blur conveyed a feeling of movement and speed!

I went for a dark background with cardstock from Echo Park and opted for red paint rather than patterned paper to back the photos. I clustered the photos and cut the lightning strike arrows using We R Memory Keepers Teenage Angst papers.

Puddle Duck graciously allowed me to raid her journalling cards and I also added some wordfetti (never really know what to do with that stuff!) and some Making Memories metal stars (they fix on like eyelets) which I have had for a long time and never used. The alphas are Echo Park and K&Co – both romantically themed! I finished off with splatters of glimmer mist, brads and journalling with a white pen.

So where will the page go from here? There are thirteen stops along the way. How will the page change as it passes through those crafty hands? There’s only one way to find out – join the blog hop and follow the page on its way. Here is your path:

Deb Clark:

If you do the blog hop, make sure and leave a comment on every page, Deb (my fellow DT member from Soul Scrappers) has very kindly donated a couple of prizes and one will go in a random draw to someone who leaves a comment on each and every blog in the hop.

And don’t forget to come back at the end and let me know you’ve commented on all the blogs to be entered in the draw. I think you’ll be surprised at how it all turns out!  See you again soon.


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  1. Wow – whee, this page has surely morphed Julie!! Love the changes..hehehe

    Gorgeous work, brilliant & out there…hope we get a lot of hoppers!!

  2. Wow, that’s nothing like the page I started with – and I’m only number 4 in the line!

    Love it though, Julie – so full of colour and movement. I think it does convey what you intended – very well! What a fun page.

    Thank you for hosting the Blog Hop – it was fun to make my page and I’m excited to see how it’s turned out!

  3. Aha! I’ve been waiting to see this and it is even more different to mine than I had been expecting. How cool is that? I can’t wait to start checking out the others now..

    Thanks again for organising this – I’d love to do it again some time..

  4. I subscribe to a number of blogs on your hop which is how I found you. What a great idea – I have really enjoyed seeing how everyone as interpreted each page and made it their own.

  5. Wow, what a cool layout! Love how the pictures are all clustered together with the zig zagging arrows every where. Great design for a bumper care layout!!!

  6. Wonderful to see the origin of this wonderful projecy – lots of bright sparkiness here! Clustering those photos really does convey the whizziness and blur of it all, especially with those arrows shooting off in all directions – perfect. Off to visit Candace …

  7. What a fun idea this hop was!!! I very much enjoyed the progression from one blog to the next and seeing what each person was taking as inspiration along the way!
    You page is so dynamic, I love your use of paint as background and the colours are perfect for the subject! And I love bumper cars too!

  8. Thank you so much for organising this Julie – its been great fun and I can’t believe what a Chinese Whispers style journey that layout has been on! You’ve given me some great ideas for some bumper car shots I’ve had for a while – those colours and all the movement you’ve created are just perfect. I’m always the photographer for these things, I HATE them, even before my own back problems!

  9. I LOVE this page Julie – such verve to it – a great way to scrap about BUMPer cars anyway and conceals less than top notch shots perfectly!
    I can’t believe it’s the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother of my page!!!! Just shows how evolution works! Off to check out the others!

  10. I love your page with the zingy arrows and paint – but I was stunned when I first saw it! It’s been great to see all the changes and different styles along the way. Thanks so much for making all the effort to organise this – and may you carry on with many more lovely posts in the future 🙂

  11. OMG!! this is unbelievable how much it changed! I cannot believe we started with this, I LOVE it!!

    I echo Sian’s comment, thank you so much Julie, it was tonnes of fun and I would love to play along whenever you might like to do another 🙂

  12. Julie, this was one of the most fun blog hops ever! I loved seeing how each person took elements from the layout they were sent, and then made it their own. What a contrast the last page was from the first! It reminds me of an old game we played in elementary school called “gossip.”

  13. This looks like a lot of fun (coming here from Sian’s blog) – great concept. Your starting page is such fun and the bold red with those lightning strikes is a super idea for the energy of bumper cars – nice page!

  14. Well, I had a lot of fun wandering through your hop – some new blogs there for me 🙂

    I loved seeing how the page changed from person to person and it’s interesting to see what elements speak to each of us to take it forward. Great hop!

  15. I too saw this on Sian’s blog yesterday and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to start the hop from the right place! What a great way to use a whole bunch of smaller photos and I love the arrows. A very dynamic page.

  16. I really really loved this page when I saw it in real life it certainly contains many elements that add to the drama of bumper cars! Great idea for a blog hop please do it again sometime so I can join in!! Thanks and Happy New Year xxx

  17. What a fun journey that was. You would never imagine, at first glance, that Alexa’s page came from yours. But you can see the echoes, if you look closely enough and follow through all the changes along the way.

  18. Just sitting down to complete the hop and truly looking forward to seeing how it progresses. Shockingly, your layout is so very similar to the original idea I had for my own (several smaller photos + some splatter) but I couldn’t get my photographs printed in time and went with a different design!

    Thanks again for organising everything; for being so patient when I was ill (and when I got everything wrong) and for just being your lovely self x

  19. I’m looking forward to seeing how the pages change from creator to creator. Your LO is a great start, Julie, I love to see multi-photo pages!

  20. Right, I have visited all the blogs and have been so impressed by all the lovely pages the team has created. And astonished at just how different they all are. I’ve really enjoyed taking a look around, thanks for sharing!

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