Ten Things to Give a Time Lord for Tea


This time last month I was busy getting ready for Puddle Duck’s Doctor Who birthday party.  So here’s ten things to serve at a Doctor Who Party……

  1. Sonic Screwdriver – vodka and orange juice for an adult’s party or orange and lemonade for kids
  2. Vitex – the drink sold by Pete Tyler; unsuccessfully on this dimension but successfully on the parallel Earth.  I cut paper labels to cover bottles of flavoured water and decorated one for Puddle Duck and The Niece to copy for the rest.
  3. Tea – served in a flask.  Jacqui Tyler’s tea saved the Earth from the Sycorax in The Christmas Invasion.  Well, The Doctor beat the Sycorax leader in a duel, but only after he was revived by the tannin fumes as Jacqui’s flask of tea spilled onto the circuits of the dying TARDIS.
  4. Fish Fingers and Custard – as served by Amelia Pond to the 11th Doctor after he crash landed in her garden.  Ours was hollandaise sauce actually, but it looks like custard and is totes delish with fish fingers.
  5. Chips – Rose Tyler was very partial to a bag of chips.  Don’t forget the vinegar in case one of your guests is a Slitheen in disguise.  (Watch out for anyone who is windier than usual and shies away from the vinegar!!)
  6. Rackweed – since we’ve mentioned the Slitheen, we might as well include the wonder food from Raxacoricofallapatorius.  It could solve world hunger, but then again there would be a distinct lack of variety in the diet as ‘invasive’ is a major understatement.  A bowl of any green leaves makes an acceptable substitute.
  7. Pizza Planets – mini round pizzas – easy peasy, but make sure the Daleks don’t steal them to create a reality bomb.
  8. Jammy Dodgers – creatively used to con the Daleks into thinking the Doctor was armed and dangerous in The Victory of the Daleks.  Alternatively used to keep small children quiet.
  9. Chocolate Daleks – Made from walnut whips, marshmallows and raisins on cocktail sticks.  These were first made by Valerie Singleton on Blue Peter back in 1966.  You can get all nostalgic here, and then have a go yourself.  I made one and then Puddle Duck and The Niece made the rest.
  10. TARDIS Cake – What else?????  I think this is the one from the aforementioned crash in Amy’s garden.

I wish I had seen this before the party – I’m sure Puddle Duck will want to make some of these.  Apologies for the quality of some of the photos – I had mislaid the charger for my DSLR and my P&S has developed an intermittent fault.

Apologies too, to anyone who is unfamiliar with Doctor Who – this post probably means absolutely nothing to you.  However, I do know that there are a number of scrapbooking geeks out there.  I have been following Melissa Stinson‘s (a.k.a. the Scrappyjedi) blog for a while and I think the page I made owes more than a little to her scrapping style.

The title is an expression used by Donna Noble (my favourite Doctor Who Companion) to address The Doctor.  Although I don’t ever recall her asking what was for tea!

My star brads weren’t the right colour for this LO so I tried heat embossing with white embossing powder.  Unfortunately I didn’t realise that white puff doesn’t go glossy – it  stays grainy.  Still, at least now I know how to get a good snow effect in future!!!

I was also highly honoured.  Puddle Duck allowed me use the Dalek puffy stickers from her latest Doctor Who magazine.  Which reminds me – this month’s challenge at Scrapbookers Anonymous is to use stickers on your LO.  I hope you’ll be able to join in.

And finally, I’ll be putting this on the 2peas website for Shimelle’s macro photo challenge.  I also caved in and signed up for her Hitchhikers Guide to Scrapbooking course.  And while I was there I placed a not insubstantial order in the online shop – can’t wait for it to arrive!

This post was brought to you in association with Shimelle’s 10 on the 10th.  You can view more lists of ten here.


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  1. What a brilliant 10 on the 10th Julie – and an awesome looking party! Love the dome the daleks are inside too – how cool is that! Great page – I like Melissa’s multiphoto style and clever titles too – you’ve made a perfect page!

  2. brilliant brilliant brilliant! I love all the party ideas, love the cake and love the layout I am a fan… of Dr Who and of you lol! Lucky u making a big order can’t wait to see what you ordered xxx

  3. Oh FABULOUS! I just read the list out to DH and described the Walnut-Whip Daleks too – he got it!
    This is a brilliant idea and a great set of party food. Congratulations for pulling all that together – I’m sure Puddleduck had a great time! The cake was a triumph (even if a tiny bit wobbly)!
    The scrap page is very nice too. I like the zany-ness of it – very appropriate!

  4. Great post. I too am a sci fi fan. Had to sign up for the hitchhiker class just based on the title. Dr Who isn’t really big over here but I’ve seen a few episodes and it sure makes a great party theme. Looks like you had a lot of fun with it.

  5. This is such a great post even thought it went right over my head. It reminded me of so many birthday parties, Oh so long ago. The Chocolate Daleks , to die for.

  6. I like your post although I know too little about Dr. Who. Great party as your photos show. I love that cake and I would keep it as a display:)..,

  7. You are sooooo right… I lost all my blogs when my bloggy went whack-o….and the only ones I could get back were the blogger peeps … wordpress and typepad blogs I could only get back when someone visited me and I got their blog addy back 😦 So happy you visited me so I could add you back on my list! Loving the party ideas… that cake is cool! And loving the lo… I loveeeeeee the photos and the colors… I have never watched the newer Dr. Who… only the original one!

  8. This is brilliant. Geeky scrapbookers unite! (also I am totally adding your blog to my google reader, Dr Who + Scrapbooking is an irresistable combo. Bring on the wibbly wobbly timey wimey scrappy wappy goodness 😛

  9. THis party looks so amazing! I just checked out some Dr. Who for my middle daughter to watch…..I think she’ll love it. I’ll have to show her these pics. 🙂 I love your pages, too…..they are wonderful. The style is really fun, and showcases your pictures wonderfully! 🙂
    Thanks so much for always being supportive on my blog. I’m glad to have your input on my video…it gives me feedback that I can use to make them better! ❤

  10. This is a great list. Dr. Who is not real big here in the states (as far as I know) so I don’t understand some of the reference, but I can see all the work that went into this party. Way to go!!

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