Springtime is our Favourite and our Best


Sketch of the week is back at shimelle.com (although not promised to be weekly) and she has revived one from 2010, which was part of the first scrapbooking course I took with her.  I haven’t done any of Shimelle’s challenges so far this year and this one was perfect to capture a conversation with Puddle Duck in the back of the car.  She is going through the non stop chatter phase and is also into favourites – always asking what’s my favourite this or that.  She can’t understand that I don’t always have a favourite of something – especially when she has a number of favourites for most things.  I’m not quite sure she has the concept pegged just yet.

Anyhows the conversation went like this:

PD: Which is your favourite spring or summer?  I like spring because things start to grow and it gets warm.

Me: It gets too hot sometimes in summer, so spring is better.

PD: When’s Easter?  Is Easter in spring?

Me: Yes

PD: That’s another reason Spring is my favourite.

She then rambled on and I am sorry to say that I had to concentrate on the road and the next bit I caught was ‘So that’s the 5 reasons Spring is my favourite’.  I’ve asked since and she can’t remember the five (I dared not ask immediately because I am accused of never listening), so we’ll have to make do with a random collection of reasons we like spring.

And the title?  Those of you with small children will no doubt have come across Charlie and Lola by Lauren Childs.  ‘My favourite and my best’ is one of Lola’s sayings.  Come back tomorrow for Story Telling Sunday when I have a jolly jape to tell.


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  1. This is such a sweet thing to record! I bet she’ll be pleased in years to come that you did. That pink flower is such an eye-catcher … Lovely page.

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