A Jolly Jape for April Fools


Happy April Fool’s Day.  And to mark the occasion of my first Story Telling Sunday this year I thought I’d tell you about a jolly little scam we played on a very deserving fellow while I was at University.

Sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin.

We were in our first year and the Block Five Boys were full of jokes.  I don’t recall all the pranks they played that first year.  There were the usual move all the contents of someone’s room out and onto the grass type things, but this one took meticulous planning and an inordinate number of people to pull off.  Maybe this one sticks in my mind because I was involved and the mark, Alan, was not just in my Halls of residence but also on my course.

We collected together paper, envelopes and a John Bull printing set and created a pile of letters for all the first year guys on Alan’s block (who were all in on it) and put the lot in the pigeon holes.  Now this letter purported to be from the University Medical Centre advising all first years that they had to have a VD check up.  He was given an appointment time to co-incide with Taff’s (a fellow instigator) physio therapy appointment, so that the scam could be witnessed.  Another twist was the instruction to drink a pint of water an hour before hand, so that he would be able to provide a sample.  Some guys were given earlier appointment times to allow elaboration of the horrors and indignities to come and generally build the suspense.  One guy even skipped a lecture to add to the realism (although that didn’t take much inducement!)

Anyway the appointed time came and Alan excused himself to leave early from his lecture, having spent the last few minutes with his legs VERY firmly crossed.   We all managed to suppress giggles until he had left the room.

I believe Alan met Taff at the Medical Centre and I hope that Taff might be able to visit this post and leave some detail of what transpired in the comments below.  He told us afterwards but it was a long time ago and my memory is fading.

We were sitting in the Hall dining room when Alan got back.  By this time of course the word had got round and he was greeted by a massive cheer and round of applause as he walked in.  All credit to him, he took it in good part and bowed to the crowd.  He also managed to get the last laugh, telling us that the Med Centre were taking it very seriously and were going to do a full investigation!

I wonder what he’s doing now.  His first job was with Cadbury Schweppes, so next time you bite into Cadbury’s chocolate remember my old classmate Alan and the VD scam!


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  1. Now, I’m starting to wonder if this story is a clever double bluff – is the story of the April Fool actually an April Fool itself? It’s a superb leg pull whatever way you look at it. What cunning! and planning! A great story – it’s so good to have you with us this month

  2. Uni pranks are the best – you have so much time on your hands and can plan all these time consumming plots. Its good that he took it good naturedly!

  3. So here is what happened at the medical centre…

    At the time I was a runner and was getting some therapy for my Hamstring. Julie and I had arranged it that Alan’s appointment was at the same time as mine such that we arrived at the medical centre together. We walked in together and I nudged in front getting to the receptionist first. I gave my name and told her I was here for my appointment (obviously a physio’s appointment) – she said I could go straight in. Alan, following my lead went confidently to the counter and said he was here for his appointment also.

    ‘What appointment would that be?’ inquired the confused receptionist.
    ‘Oh, you know…… THE one’ said Alan, winking and nodding his head.
    There then followed a very long and protracted ‘walk around the houses’ which cuiminated in Alan producing his bogus invite. Much hilarity and red faces ensued but ended up with Alan seeing the Doctor in any case.

    Here things went very wrong as we ( yep, Julie and I) had forged a Doctor’s signature which resulted in a visit from the police.

    They tried their best to tell us off but ended up laughing a great deal.

    The reason why this is so funny is that Alan took it well, so well in fact that he ended up being my best man!

    Oh the joys and folllies of youth!

  4. Great to have more pieces of the story! I am glad you didn’t get into tooooo much trouble with the police. Good thing they had a sense of humor.

  5. How lovely to hear how it went at the Med Centre…& I wonder why you didn’t recall the visit from the police Julie?!!!!! Nice to know the constabulary can appreciate a good joke! 🙂

  6. Julie of course I remember, I was an instigator and was there getting the printing done. I also left our lecture directly before Alan as the “convincer” and I persuaded him to drink the water. Not sure but I think Bungle drank water too as another “convincer”, and I was involved in scheduling the appointments. Don’t remember the police bit though. Was that the April fool or did you keep my name out of it? i’ll add that bit next time i tell the tale lol

    Taff if you read this nice to here you are OK mate. Rich

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