3 LOs and 3 Mistakes


I hope you’ve had a good Easter.  Puddle Duck made it all the way through Lent without chocolate or ice-cream.  I’m so proud of her.

We went to the Bromsgrove crop on Saturday and I managed 3 LOs, each with its own mistake.  First was the schoolboy error of gluing on the LO rather than the cutting mat – I managed to get glue on the LO in a place I wasn’t putting any embellishment.

The pp is distressed so I hope it doesn’t show too much and I get away with it.  I used Fancy Pants End of Summer and Shimelle’s Starting Points for this one.  It was so nearly right for Glitter Girl’s current challenge not to use pre-made embellishments, but the Live Laugh Love diecut was too perfect to leave off.

My second LO was using the new American Crafts Dear Lizzie Neapolitan papers (I treated myself to something that wasn’t in the sale for a change) and I was really happy with it until I added the letter stickers – they were just too large and over powered the photos.


I decided to peel them off and start again, but unfortunately they were too well stuck and this is what I was left with!

Luckily I worked out a way to fix it and the LO is nearly finished.  Can you guess what I’ve done?  Puddle Duck doesn’t like the pinwheel but that is staying.

And the third LO?  It was getting towards the end of the day and Puddle Duck was eager to clear up.  She kept tidying things while I was still using them and I stuck my flower pp on upside down.  I didn’t notice until I got home and it was beyond fixing.  This one was only half done so I hope that I will be able to rescue it.  I’ll be back with the rescued LOs at a later date.

In other news

I know that there’s been some debate recently about the latest word verification on blogger and how it is putting people off posting comments.  I know some bloggers use it because they have issues with spam if word verification is turned off.  The level of spam I get is manageable and so far hasn’t been offensive – although one sailed close to the line.

This latest one, left on my Ten Things to Give a Time Lord for Tea post, I found amusing:

naturally like your website but you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very troublesome to inform the reality then again I’ll definitely come back again.

You may find my spelling troublesome, but you really need to test your basic sentence construction before passing that kind of comment!!!


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  1. LOve your take on Shimelle’s starting poing – great colours.
    Your use of the jam jars is so sweet – cant wait to see what you did with the torn paper. Id be getting another scrap and some new letters on top.

  2. Love the spam comment – and your retort! And loving your layouts, despite the ‘mistakes’.

    Just sorry that it took me so long to come back to blogging. Have been missing everyone.

  3. LOL at the spelling criticism – priceless!

    Love the first page (though slightly wobbly just looking at the photo down from Blackpool Tower) and looking forward to the second one after the first aid.

    I just managed ONE page on Saturday’s crop because I made a major false start trying to hand cut interlocking hexagons without any sort of template!

  4. Lol regarding the spam comment. I couldn’t see the glue mistake on the first layout at all and what cool pictures! Too bad the letters didn’t come off well. I would guess your’re using paper strips or ribbon for this embellishmemt opportunity. We have a product over here called un-du. It’s an adhesive remover and it’s wonderful!!! I’ll email you a link. 🙂

  5. I’ve never had word verification, but I occasionally get spam like this one. The grammar is always awful! Been there, done that with the layout mistakes. Can’t see the first error at all on my screen.

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