Lost in Wonderland


And 10 Theme Park Rides

Puddle Duck is turning out to be a roller coaster junkie – she just couldn’t get enough of them when we spent a long weekend at Chessington and Legoland at the end of the Easter holidays.  If you are here from Shimelle‘s 10 on the 10th, read on for our top ten rides we tried this Easter.  If you are here from The Altered Alice blog, feel free to skip the list and scroll down to my scrapbook LO from our first day.

1. Puddle Duck’s favourite was the Dragon’s Fury.  This isn’t your straight forward train of carriages – oh no.  This has individual pods, seating two pairs back to back.  The pods are then free to swivel as they make their way round the track.  Definitely not a ride where you can sit back and enjoy the view.

Dragon’s Fury viewed from Peking Heights

2. Next on the list was the Vampire.  We got the first ride of the day on Early Riders before the Park opened and then went back to finish off with this one. This runs below the track, so your feet are hanging in mid air.  Puddle Duck was worried she’d hit the branches – with those little legs LOL!

3. The Kobra.  Now this is a hard one to describe – the seats had no backs and were ranged round the edge of a circular platform, facing out.  The platform spun round as it moved backwards and forwards along a curved track.  Not recommended on a full stomach.

4. Monkey Swingers.  A large version of the seats on chains merry-go-round type ride. This one went up and down too and, I am told, there are water jets, although these were turned off for the Early Riders (phew!)

5. Black Buccaneer.  A very large pirate ship with a very short queue so we got off and went straight back on again and got on the back both times (yay!).  Second ride was so funny.  There was a gang of teenagers who wanted to ride in the back rows but one half ended up sat in front of us.  One boy hated it and spent the whole ride holding onto the girl sat next to him, with his friends laughing at him from the other end.  When he got off his tan was the colour of his Brazil football top!

We also did the pirate ship at Legoland but it was much smaller and therefore did not attain the same levels of bums off seats and tummy in mouth.

6. Dragon Falls.  This log flume is great – there is a tunnel near the start where you go into the dragon’s mouth.  We went on twice – using a ticket we were given as compensation when the Tomb Blaster broke down (stranding us in the sarcophagos) to beat the queues.

7. Pirate Falls.  Another logflume.  This one has lego models to look at as you go round and the final drop is set up as a mine explosion.  I think they’ve added some extra water jets at the end – I don’t remember getting this wet last year.

8. Spinning Spiders.  Love this one too.  A Viking version of the waltzers.

9.  Bubble Works.  This started off as a real kiddy ride in the round tyre boats looking at models of plastic ducks having baths!.  then we went down a mini flume into the ‘shower’ area with loads of potential for getting wet.

10. The Dragon.  Two years ago Puddle Duck thought this ride was awesome and didn’t mind the long queue for a second ride.  This year, after the larger roller coasters she thought it was pretty lame.

Puddle Duck was really disappointed to be too short for the Rattlesnake and Rameses revenge but we reckon she’ll make it next year and she wants to go to Alton Towers next.  I can see Legoland falling off the favourite place spot in the not too distant future.

She likes to take charge of the map too and decide exactly where we are going next:

I added the Alice in Wonderland quote, cards and tickets after seeing this challenge on The Altered Alice blog.  I think it adds a certain kind of whimsy.  I’ve had the blog in my reader for a while but this is my first challenge entry.  I’m sure I have some photos with Alice in Wonderland from our Euro Disney trip to scrap for more entries in the future.  Another Puddle Duck ambition is to build a roller coaster, so Maybe we can invent some Alice rides.


Don’t forget the challenges:

Cooking Up Creations. My recipe challenge at Soul Scrappers to cook up your own starting point, runs until 17 May.  You have to be a member of Soul Scrappers to enter, but registration is free.

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This will take you to a new page, so I can put the link in every post to save you searching (hoorah!) (I think – do hope I got that right!)


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  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwww!! The Legoland here is so LAME compared to the AWESOME rides at yours!!! Seriously… little little little kids rides the whole way through… nothing fun at all! lol! I loveeeeeeeeeeee your lo’s!! That map one is just tooooooooooo cute!!!!

    • Most of these rides are at Chessington, but Legoland Windsor does have more than just kiddy rides. Nice to read your comment too, since last year I queued behind an American complaining about how lame the Lego figures were compared to the park in the States.

  2. Thanks for playing along with The Altered Alice! Welcome, and we hope you’ll be back. I love the way you added the Wonderland elements to your layout, it is really charming!

  3. An Alice themed layout…great idea! I have a feeling that Alice would have been lost if she had access to a map. Your daughter is too cute! Thanks for playing along…good luck!

  4. Great 10 things list! I went on the rides at chessington when I was younger, but I cant go on too many now as I get a bad neck and back. It looks like you had a fabulous time at both parks though, and I love the photos of your DD with the map! x

  5. what a thrill seeker she is! the one and only roller coaster I went on was at disneyland and i kept my eyes closed the whole time!

    as for your comment about Mother’s Day – i have wondered the same thing! I should think it would be an international day, but then again at least there is recognition no matter the date 🙂

  6. What a great 10, co-incidentally we had a long weekend at legoland last september. It was just fantastic, one of the best weekends ever. It was tinged with sadness as we knew it would be the last time for that park. So we have been excitedly chattering about Chessington. You have given us another reason to go 🙂

    Love the blog, you are now in my reader, thank you.

  7. Love this list! If you ever get to Ohio, don’t miss a day or two at Cedar Point! You’ll have some new favorites for sure!

  8. I am in awe of her (and your) ability to withstand rides like these! I’d be spending the day on the teacup and saucer ride with the littlies! Love the photos of her with the map!

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