7th Photo of the 21st Folder


Amy had a little challenge for us this morning Over at Our Place.  Open the 21st folder on your computer, post the 7th photo and tell the story (or a story, any story or just ramble – whatever).

I wasn’t sure at first.  I mean how do I FIND my 21st folder for starters.  I have a random collection on my desk top which were put there temporarily while I print or load to the blog etc.  And they have sub folders – how do I count them?  And then there are hundreds (OK teeny, tiny exaggeration!) of folders in My Pictures.  And then what if it is one of the worst pictures?  Do I delete until the 7th is a good one?  Or just plain lie?

[NOTE TO SELF: Get photoflow course booked asap: EOM]

I got over the first dilemma by counting the folders in iPhoto, and I dropped lucky.  Here it is:

Puddle Duck at Bodenham Arboretum in August ’09.  That was her favourite skirt and T-shirt at the time and she’s hugging Pussy.  Grandma gave her that toy cat when she was little and she was her favourite for ages – the one she took everywhere and always slept with.  She has newer toys and she’s no longer the only one, but she still figures in her affections and gets ‘the special hug’.

I haven’t scrapped any of the photos from that day – come to think of it I haven’t even printed any to scrap and there are some nice ones.  We haven’t been on a family day out like that for a while.  Grandma’s had a bad knee, so walking’s been out of the question for a while. She’s getting better, so maybe when we have some nice weather one weekend…….

I’ll have to remember this trick for the next Story Telling Sunday when I’m stuck for a story – thank-you Amy.

I’ll be back with a postal themed post before the end of the week.  Julie Kirk‘s doing a Going Postal week and I’m off to put the finishing touches to my Mail Art Exchange for posting tomorrow.  See you soon.


Don’t forget the challenges:

Cooking Up Creations. My recipe challenge at Soul Scrappers to cook up your own starting point, runs until 17 May  (TODAY!).  You have to be a member of Soul Scrappers to enter, but registration is free.

Anonymous Alphabet (A-Z challenge).  I figured out linkies, so if you want to play along with the A – Z challenge, link up here.

This will take you to a new page, so I can put the link in every post to save you searching (hoorah!) (I think – do hope I got that right!)  You have until the end of the month – I hope you’ll play along.


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