10 Things I will miss when I leave work


It’s my last day at work tomorrow, so for this month’s 10 on the 10th here’s 10 things I will miss about where I work now…

1. Having a free pass for the mall car park.  There’s a free car park at my new place and I live too far from where I currently work to want to use the pass at weekends, but it’s nice just knowing that I could if I wanted to.

2. A cheery greeting in the morning.

3. Free tea and coffee.  I’m not sure whether I’ll get this with the new firm.  I may do – it’s fairly common practice in our industry.

4. The chance to get a latte in the morning if I want one.  I worked in a client’s office for a while covering maternity leave and they had a franchise in the office, so I had a latte every morning.  I’m still trying to lose the weight, so maybe my waistline won’t miss it!

5. Having a cashpoint next door – ’nuff said.

6. Being able to go to the post office at lunchtime.

7. A great choice of food to buy for lunch.  I can choose from M&S, Boots, Waitrose, Greggs, a baked potato place and a couple of sandwich vans.  I’m never organised enough to make a packed lunch.  What I won’t miss is having to eat at my desk – there’s a separate area at the new office.

8. Farmers’ market – second Friday of every month.

9.  Lucky lunchtime finds of bargain stash items.

10. And last but not least some great workmates.  A large number have already left before me and most were off last week, but I will miss Rob’s happy grin!

I have a couple of days off work before my new job starts and I’m planning on sorting out the house and getting some crafting done.  I’ll be back during the week with my mail art exchange post.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Don’t forget the challenges:

Cooking Up Creations. My recipe challenge at Soul Scrappers to use buttons, banners and twine, runs until 22 June.  You have to be a member of Soul Scrappers to enter, but registration is free.

Anonymous Alphabet (A-Z challenge).  We’re at the letter ‘J’ and I was joined by JimJams in June, with a jolly jubilee page.


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  1. Great List, it always sad to say good bye but just think of all the wonderful things that you are yet to discover about your new job. Good luck with your new job

  2. Good luck with the new job! It still amazes me, but I worked in the same elementary school for 34 of my 37 years of teaching. All I miss now that I’m retired is seeing my friends every day!

  3. Wow – looks like you had some nice perks with your old job, but here’s to even better days ahead!

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