In Memory of Benjy – The Heinz Dog


This month’s challenge at Another Freaking Scrapbook Challenge is to scrap about your pet – preferably one from your childhood. I printed this photo of our dog Benjy a while back, thinking it would go in my parents’ Golden wedding Album, but that never happened and it has sat in my photo box ever since; so how could I resist this challenge.

Benjy was from the RSPCA kennels in Birmingham.  He was described as a terrier cross but he had a fair few other breeds in there too (dalmatian for the spots, alsatian for the profile, husky for the curly tail) and my Dad always referred to him as a ‘Heinz dog’ – 57 Varieties.

He was definitely more L’il Bro’s dog than mine.  I’m really just not into pets, but we taught him some tricks.  He got too good at opening doors and Dad had to turn all of the lever style door handles on end so he couldn’t get in.  The sugar bowl had to be kept in a cupboard (it still is) because he had a tendency to jump on the table and lick it!

He was an amazing jumper.  The house is on a hill and it was OK when he jumped the fence into the uphill garden but when he jumped the other way the extra height due to the difference in ground level was just to much and he couldn’t jump back. Most kids are used to asking for their ball back – we had to knock on our neighbour’s door and ask for our dog back.

Dad raised the fence but he still managed to find gaps where he could to wriggle through to play with the neighbour’s dog – a yorkshire terrier called Nipper.  It was so comical watching them chasing each other round the neighbour’s round flower bed at the top of their garden.

Benjy lived to a ripe old age and I think he had some happy times with us.  Puddle Duck loves dogs and wants us to have one.  I’m resisting until she is old enough to look after it herself.  Are you a pet person?  If you have a pet, why not give the challenge a go and scrap a photo for posterity.


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  1. Very sweet layout about your old dog. Sounds like he had quite the personality. Love the title, the base paper and the paint splatters!

  2. Hi Julie!!! great page and I love the story behind the photo. We had some really fun pets as I was growing up. I think I may take on this challenge… Hope you are doing well. I’ve been laying low and taking up card making for the instant gratification… =)
    Happy Friday!!!!!

  3. I’m hoping that lovely journalling of a super sounding family dog is hidden on your fab page.
    It’s hard with pets, I love having them, but hate ending up with shouldering the responsibility so we are currently pet-less. Perhaps when the kids have left home – or perhaps we’ll pet-sit once they have their own pets?

  4. Julie – LOVE this tribute to Benjy! You really made it stand out with the woodgrain! Always so very happy to have you playing along with us over at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge!! You forgot to link up your layout, so I have done so for you!!

  5. I love this layout in tribute of Benjy. The woodgrain background really makes the photo and embellishments really pop on your page. Lovely. Thank you for joining us at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge this month.

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