10 Mascots


I’m handing over this post to Puddle Duck to list her 10 favourite mascots from the Olympic Trails we followed.

1. Raven Wenlock – This is the first one we saw.

2. Tourist Wenlock.

3. Union Jack Mascots

4.Pirate Wenlock

5.Filmstar Wenlock

6. Red BusWenlock.

7. Groovy Wenlock.

8. Guardsman Wenlock. 

9. Sherlock Wenlock.

10. Telephone Box Wenlock. 

For more lists of ten visit Shimelle.


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  1. Brilliant, Miss Puddleduck! We saw the film one, when we were at the theatre the other week, plus a few more, but your collection is very impressive. I think I like the photo of you with the phone box one best.

  2. What a lovley memory (and I’m sure some scrapping inspiration here). Just love Sherlock Wenlock as it looks like his eye is his looking glass. But I did chuckle at the telephone box. Great work Miss Puddleduck, well searched out.

  3. Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun .I enjoyed the tour of Wenolcks, I must say my flavorite
    one the guardsmen. You did a wonderful job Miss Puddleduck.

  4. What a great collection of Wenlocks…..mmm I think my favourite is Filmstar…no …maybe Guardsman or Groovy.mmmm Its so hard to pick. Great top 10 Miss Puddleduck! Looking forward to your next post!

  5. Wonderful Top Ten List! Love Groovy Wenlock.though Telephone Box Wenlock is a close second. Now if there had been a blue police box Wenlock that would have been my #1 (big Dr. Who fan here) We didn’t get to see these in the US so I’m so glad you shared with us 🙂

  6. Wow – they are all great and thanks for giving us the tour!!!!
    I’m loving the Telephone Wenlock and his triumphant gesture.
    If only Australia was a bit closer I could have you give me a tour. xx

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