Slice of Pumpkin Pie


We’ve been to the Belbroughton Scarecrow Festival a few times now and each time we have watched the Appalachian Dancers perform outside the church hall.  They are accompanied by a cd player and children’s percussion provided from the audience and always  project such joy and enthusiasm in their performance.

The Counterfeit Kit Challenge to use a quilt as inspiration was perfect to scrap this year’s photos. Sadly audience numbers seem to be dwindling – I could not have taken these shots the first year we saw them, standing at the back of the crowd as I did then.  This year there were spare seats and I took these from the front row.

I used the patchwork squares and a sheet of green pp from September’s kit, with October’s kit and sketch.  I twisted the sketch 90 degrees and replaced the line of small photos with the patchwork squares.  The title is the name of one of the dances; they save a slice of pumpkin pie for the end.

There’s something not quite right about this page.  I’m hoping that journalling in the left hand yellow strip (once I’ve decided what to write) will balance the page a little.  Or maybe I need another spot of red in the bottom left.  What do you think?


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  1. Love the quilting detail here, looks awesome! I think the journaling will probably balance things out, but you could try a bit of red down by “pie” and just see how it looks – I always have trouble with the embellishment part, so I’m afraid I’m no expert!

  2. I think both of your solutions would work to help the balance – but it is lovely just as it is! I lke your patchwork tiled effect (oh, and the measuring tape!).

  3. Beautiful page – I’ve always loved that patchwork design – so much fun with “pinked” circles too (which would be nigh on impossible with fabric).
    I think perhaps a little bit of pinky red (3 small buttons/brads or a little row of matching PP circles …) might help ground your eye at the bottom of the page – mine starts top left, zig-zags down the patchwork and then struggles to look at the title – but then I DO look as that’s what I’m here to do LOL

  4. Pretty page, and I thought the flow was pretty good myself. Have you considered taking that top embellishment and flip it over and butt it up against the tape measure. That might help if you are planning on journaling underneath it? But really it’s a pretty page.

  5. Brilliant use of pinked circles!
    It’s a really pretty page but if you are still worried, I agree with Snapsandsnippets. It has a feel like a teeter totter that;s off balance and going to tip. If you move the red bit in it might be a feel better balanced.

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