Laminate Floor……….


Do you ever get something started on the computer, to save time finishing it later? Only when later comes, whatever you started just isn’t there any more? Well that’s what’s just happened to me.  I started an e-mail to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog to enter their design team call this morning but it’s not in my drafts folder now! Maybe it’s a sign.  At least the photos I preloaded here haven’t disappeared, so I’ll share it with you now and then send that mail before the closing date of 10 November.

The kit to counterfeit was Wood Floor from

Here’s my version:

Now I notice these Master Forgers tend to name their kits, so lets call mine Laminate Floor.  My orangey/yellow chevron paper is reminiscent of, but not quite, wood.  For embellishments I made a rosette and some banners and included some stamps.  I don’t have a hot air balloon so a camera and cloud will have to do.

I made a couple of pages.  The first I played safe with a favourite photo placement for 3 photos from last year’s 4X6 Photo Love course at 2peas.

The second I tried something a little different – placing the photos and pp mat flush to the right hand edge of the page, with a wide border on the left.  My original thought was to use the neutral squared paper but I felt I’d like to use that for a page with more negative space and journalling, so I tried different coloured cardstock until I hit on black.  So striking:

If I could change anything I think it would be to have a greater tonal difference between the banners and the main block of pp.

Now the DT call was very clear to only e-mail ONE project.  Which one shall I pick?

And thank you to everyone who made suggestions on improving the last page.  I think the solution lies in the flow (with a lack of horizontal lines) and not using the golden rectangle. I’m going to try a few theories and I’ll report back if I get it sussed.


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  1. Sorry Julie&Julie – but that 2nd page is what does it for me – love the wee banners and the swirl under the photo. Good luck with your application (it would be great to have another Brit onside!)

  2. I say go with the first one just because it features your beautiful rosette, but then, I’m a sucker for a rosette! Good luck with your DT application, hugs, Roxy.

  3. They’re both lovely! I really like the first one best for its sequencing of the photos – works so well – and that pretty sunburst of colour.

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