Starting on Portobello Road.


So the weekend ran away with me.  I was going to share 10 things I did or saw in February, but the deadline for Shimelle’s starting point is nearly up so I’ll share that first.

Here’s my starting point – using my Portobello Road papers:

Starting point

I had this prepared ready to take to the blogger’s weekend away (my that seems so long ago).  Even so, it took me so long to choose which photos to use – thanks to Alexa and K for helping and Missus Wookie for inspiring the journalling.

Here’s the page in preparation.  Can anyone tell me where you can see the mirror image of this photo?

In progress

I added a few butterflies when I got home and here’s the finished product:

Kensington Palace Gardens?

I’m off to get out the old work computer now.  I have a presentation to finish – it’s off to That There Fancy London again on Wednesday – my first bid presentation with my new firm.  Wish me luck!

P.S. I just realised the date on the page is April, but it was definitely August!  Tippex anyone?


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  1. It looks wonderful! And it was so fascinating to watch you at work, thinking about all the different possibilities for the page, I really like that banner – so festive!

  2. Your lovely page has brought back memories of a happy trip we made there years ago to see a dress exhibition. Stick another date sticker over the top and call it layering!

  3. I don’t even remember standing at the end of the table taking that photo!! But I do remember your lovely page….take Sian’s advice and just layer a new date!

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