10 Look Up, Look Down Photos


It’s been a while since I did a photo post and I’ve been interested to see a few ‘look up, look down’ posts recently. Looking for shots from different angles is something which has stuck with me since I did Shimelle’s Love your Photos, Love your Pages course back in 2010, so it wasn’t hard to find 5 pairs of up and down photos from our Easter trip to London to share as part of Shimelle’s 10 on the 10th this month.

Look up at the people coming down to catch a tube train:

DSC_0141Puddle Duck has a fear of escalators going down and this one was just far too long and steep for her to overcome that fear.  Luckily there were stairs.

Look down onto the station platform at Gloucester Road:

DSC_0016Look up at the White Tower in The Tower of London:

DSC_0042This is the Norman Keep and the oldest part of The Tower.  It was originally whitewashed – hence the name.

Look down at the execution site:

DSC_0131The Tower held many prisoners awaiting execution, but very few of them were accorded the ‘privilege’ of an execution in the relative privacy of The Tower grounds.

Look up at the statue of King William III at Kensington Palace:

DSC_0163Look down at the shadow cast by the gates:

DSC_0159Look up at the Delft inspired birds hanging from the ceiling in the Queen’s State Apartments, Kensington Palace:

DSC_0234Look down at some of the 18 little chairs – one for each of Queen Anne’s children who all died in infancy:


The Queen’s State Apartments tell the story of William and Mary and Queen Anne and the end of the Stuart Dynasty.  I have a scrapbook page in the planning and I will share more of their story in a future post.

Look up at the London Eye:

DSC_0415Look down from the Eye at the street entertainer – a unicyclist:

DSC_0422Have you noticed how my look up photos are mainly portrait while my look down photos are mainly landscape?  Do you do that?



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  1. These are fabulous! I partciularly like the first one and the one of the eye, such great composition. Most of my shots are landscape, but, I am more likely to take a portrait shot for the up ones.

  2. I love The London Eye view and the underground ones remind me of my time in London, although I used to get the double decker buses mostly,
    Jo xxx

  3. What a wonderful lot of up and down pictures. They brought back some great memories. I’ll have to go back and look at my pictures to see whether I favour one over the other.

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