Take a Look Inside……..


Puddle Duck had a lot of fun at Kensington Palace when we visited over the Easter weekend.  She loved the kids activities – Easter egg hunt, Easter bonnet making and competition, kids activity sheet and tapestry making.  She also liked the exhibits about the Kings and Queens who had lived there, but it was seeing the toys of the little princes and princesses I think interested her most.

She also liked the interactive displays – opening drawers and toy chests and looking inside.  The big cabinet in the Queen’s Gallery was one of her favourites and I used this month’s sketch by Sian at Scrap365 to scrap some of the photos:


The Queen’s State Apartments tell the story of the first Royal residents at Kensington and the end of the Stuart Dynasty, through the Eyes of Queen Anne’s son, Prince William.  There is a lot of symbolism in the rooms and I tried to include this in the LO.  I used blue and white to echo the delft china William III and Mary II brought with them from Holland and a touch of Orange for William III’s family.  I used the branding strip from a sheet of pp which had blue birds to echo the blue and white birds hanging from the ceiling in the room (Prince William dreamt about birds a lot apparently). It was Mary and Anne’s Great Grandfather James (I of England and VI of Scotland) who united the Scottish and English thrones, but the Act of Union wasn’t passed until Queen Anne’s reign, which was when the Union Flag was first devised, so the crown and flag sit on top of my paper cabinet.

Would you like to see what Puddle Duck was so fascinated by in the cabinet drawers?

DSC_0471She had me photograph the contents of each drawer individually.  I made a slider mechanism to mount the photos, so that they pull out like drawers in a cabinet. When it is working properly you only need to pull on one photo to make the opposite photo slide out at the same time. It worked quite well until everything was stuck down and then it seemed to stick, so I added pull mechanisms to both sides and it seems to be working better now.

DSC_0466DSC_0467I’d never made one of these before, but there are lots of tutorials on the net.  Here are a couple of photos of the mechanism before it was mounted on the page and covered with woodgrain cardstock.

Have you tried anything new lately?


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  1. wow that is totally impressive Julie…..love it and rally enjoyed hearing all about your day and learning about the Royals…might even go there myself sometime now!!

  2. Oh I love it Julie! Its a lovely page anyway but with the “look inside” & the sliders – brilliant, just brilliant.

  3. Very cleverly done! I saw you were asking about this mechanism recently but have never seen it in action. This is the perfect page for it – I bet Puddle Duck will enjoy this as much as she did the real thing :).

  4. Thank you for your comment, you are so kind. I don’t really scrap fro recognition any more. I used to enter a lot of competitions and enter scrap challenges but these days I only do it for me and my friends and family abroad. It stil is lovely when someone appreciate your work so thank you. Anne

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