Advance Notice


My blog is 2 years old on Sunday and I thought we needed a celebration.  The pass the page game and blog hop I organised following my 50th post went down quite well, so I have enlisted the help of some of my crafty bloggy friends from our weekend away earlier this year and we have a blog hop planned for you on Sunday.

Maybe I need to give a little explanation for those of you who are wondering what I am talking about.  Pass the Page is a form of Chinese Whispers for scrapbookers.  The idea is that you receive a photo of a page, scraplift it and then send a photo of your page to the next person, who scraplifts it and sends a photo of their page to the next person and so on.  It’s quite amazing the twists and turns and changes.  Would you like to see what happened on the last one?  Here’s a slide show I created from all the pages in the order they were created:

And here’s a list of all the participants and links to their blogs:

Candace: Lea: Helen: Lizzie: Sian: Clair: Helen: Alison: Ginger: Jemma: Lisa-Jane: Deb Clark: Alexa:

Hope you’ll be able to join us on Sunday for round 2 and there’s a prize for one lucky commenter joining the hop.


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  1. This is my first time hearing of one of these types of hops. It sounds quite interesting. Looking forward to see what everyone comes up with.

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