Birthday Blog Hop


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Dear Bloggy, Happy Birthday to me!  I feel like that should be followed by the sound of a party popper and streamers flying all over the page, but alas, my computing skills are far from that level of sophistication!

Yes my blog is 2 years old today and to celebrate I would like to invite you to join me and a group of my crafty, bloggy friends in a scrapbooking extravaganza.  OK, a blog hop with a page each, but with a cunning twist.  Each page is a scraplift of the preceding page.  Now you may think that this would result in a succession of very similar pages (a bit like the display in the school classroom when the class is given  a famous painting to copy).  But it doesn’t.  Because you don’t all get the same page to copy – you get an interpretation of the page before, without having a direct reference to go back to.   In short, each page is unique and it can go in all sorts of directions.

Back at the beginning of March I created this page to pass to Alison:

DSC_0508I have various old photos in boxes and every so often I come across a box, have a sort through and think ‘I should scrap that’ and promptly do nothing about it.  This photo has been floating around in that category with that title for so long.  It’s one of my cute little baby sayings that The Grandma reminds me of occasionally – the sort of thing that we scrap about our kids and less about ourselves.  The photo is a bit of social history – look how offices have changed – piles of paper, no computers and a girly calendar!!!

I went for a bit of a stationery theme with paper, embellishment, border punch and stamp.  They had embraced new technology The Grandad’s place however, with a dictaphone, but that was only because The Grandad’s handwriting was so bad the typists couldn’t read it.  I must get a sample of his writing on this page.

There’s another story behind this page.  When I told my parents about it, the first thing The Grandma said was ‘I hope it is the photo of your Dad.  There’s one of someone he worked with who looked just like him.’  That got me worried.  But luckily my eyesight has not deteriorated to the point where I can’t recognise an old photo of my own father!

The papers are mainly from a 6X6 pad of Fancy Pants’ Back to School.  The whole thing was looking a bit brown – perfect for the 70s era but it needed a bit of a lift so I picked bright cardstock alphas for the title and created circle embellishments from the aqua paper in the pack.


Before I pass you to Alison so that you can see how she interpreted my page, I have a prize to show you.

If you would like to win this Studio Calico library style stamp and a pack of embellishments all you have to do is comment on every post in the hop and then leave me a comment here, letting me know what you might be scraplifting from any of the pages and which colour of American Crafts ribbon you would like me to include if you win (not forgetting to put your e-mail address in the sign in box of course!).  I’ll give you a week to leave me that final comment, so the deadline is midnight (BST) on 4 May and I’ll announce the winner on National Scrapbooking Day.

So with no more of a to do, here is a list of the lovely ladies who have been kind enough to help me with this little celebration:





Miss Smith


Missus Wookie






If you get lost along the way, come back here and pick up the trail – it’s well worth it to see all their beautiful work.  And don’t forget to leave everyone a comment and let me know which colour ribbon you would like if you win!

Happy hopping.


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  1. A wonderful LO with such a great title & journaling Julie!
    I will try to hop around all the blogging gals this week, cos I will enjoy seeing all the different styles & pages. Have a great Blog Hop! Debi xx

  2. Many congratulations and happy returns of the day! So fascinating to see the original, the daddy of all the versions, so as to speak :). I love the smudgy colours and the layering of papers behind the photo too. Right, off to see the first Whisper!

  3. Great page to start us all off!! I love the circle embellies and I have to ask about the cute alphas that are stamp shaped for the words ‘is’ and ‘the’ where did they come from??? Off to do some more hopping xxx

    • It’s from an unbranded sticker sheet with four different alphabets. I’ve had it a long time and no longer have the packaging, so can’t tell you who made it.

  4. I have been round and visited all the blogs though one hasn’t posted the blog hop (sorry Fay) so unable to leave a comment there. This was the best fun Julie and thanks for organising it… much did the page change it was great watching the transformation. Thanks for offering blog candy it looks fab! I would like brown ribbon I think xxx

  5. Hi again, Julie! I’ve been on my travels, popped in at all the stations and left a comment and just come back to say what great fun it has been seeing how the page has evolved, what has been taken up, let go of, and sometimes mysteriously reappearing a few pages later! I hope you’ve enjoyed it too! (Oh, and if there is any ribbon which might possibly come my way, I am happy with greens, blues, yellow, browns …:). Thank-you again!

  6. Happy birthday Julie!! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your celebrations. I’m blown away by how the page has changed on it’s travels. Blue ribbon would be lovely.

  7. Happy Blogversary Julie, and thank you for putting this Hop together. It has been great fun. I love the story behind your page and the story. And as for the stationary… I had itchifingers wanting to touch it!!

  8. A brilliant starting point … a lovely light modern page though despite the vintage pic …… love the office photo with NO computers! Off to hop around the block! If I’m eligible – brown would be my choice of ribbon, but honestly wouldn’t mind any colour!

  9. Well, happy blogoversary! From the start here, I expect it will be a wonderful celebration. I somehow think I have managed to miss your blog before–though I am frequent visitor at Sian’s, Alexa’s, and Allison’s blogs–which, of course, is how I knew about your blog hop. Have fun!

    What a ride! The page changed so much from beginning to end, thanks Julie, I had great fun partaking & hopping along.
    I love the edges of your page the most, I shall have to scraplift those ideas 🙂
    I am always running out of black & red ribbon so those would be my choices .

  11. Well, I have been around and back again. What a lovely journey!
    Like K, I loved the edges of your page so might have to lift those myself too.
    I have commented on each hop and if I am lucky to be picked for the wonderful give a way I love muted shades, especially blue, green or yellow.

  12. I’m back to wish you a Happy Blogiversary after a roller-coaster ride through all the different interpretations! As I said – I love how some people have borrowed elements and stamped their own style on it, and others have borrowed style and stamped their own elements on it!

  13. Happy birthday girlie and OMG my page is like sooooo different. I’ve been so excited to see what yours was like. Going to go see how it all changed until I got my picutre,
    Jo xxx

  14. Happy Blogversary Juiie! Great blog hop you have organised again. Loved all the pages. The end page is so different from your original which was the same with the last pass the page. I’m off the Bromsgrove on Saturday, are you going too?

  15. Happy Blog Birthday! Boy it was really interesting to see how much the page changed as I hopped from blog to blog and what each person took from the previous one. As for ribbon blue or yellow would be my choice.

  16. So this is how it all began! Lovely layout, Julie, and it’s been fascinating to see how the ideas and inspiration have progressed from scrapper to scrapper 🙂 Many happy returns to you and your blog… x

    I’d love to be in the prize draw if I may (I commented on all the blogs except for my own!) I’ve been particularly inspired by the punched notepaper edges stacked up on your LO, the touches of twine I’ve seen here and there, stitching, alpha stencils, grid papers, scrapping without a photo, making a feature of the journaling…. Yup, I’ve picked up a LOT of inspiration to put to good use! 🙂 As for colours, I love blues and greens best. Thanks for the chance to win! x

  17. Ahhhh…how fun! Happy birthday dear blog!
    I love your birthday celebration idea….soooo cool.
    And love the sweet colours on your layout…I so need to take that notepad punch out to use!
    Hmmmm…blue ribbon please!

  18. Have managed round them all at last, Julie…it was amazing to see how much the final layout differed from your own, and how it actually got there! Belated Happy Blog Birthday, and thanks for allowing me to join in with the fun!
    Alison xx

  19. I will definitely be scraplifting Kirsty Smith’s journalling bias on her page, just love how it looks. Also quite partial to the curly draped string on a couple of pages. Ribbon colour – maybe neutral is my fav. then I can colour it with pens to match any paper. Thanks for the chance to win in your prize draw!

  20. Done it Julie! And what a visual treat I have to say!
    The styles flowing along with a big change in the middle & then coming back to the final page which was so fitting as it was about your blogging group! Enjoy your two year clebration of blogging & keep on going wont you!
    Hugs Debi xx

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