A Post of Small Things


Hello – it’s been a while I know, but we’ve had half term and I took Puddle Duck for a day trip to The Globe in London and a few days with friends at a holiday camp near Great Yarmouth.

I’ve done more crafty shopping than scrapping.  I made one and a half LOs and some little things to send to Ginger as part of Sian’s Great Big Swap of Very Small Things – none of which I can share right now.  So instead I have a review of some new shops I’ve never tried before and a lovely surprise waiting for me when I got back from Great Yarmouth.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t resist snapping up some of the recent scrappy bargains from TKMaxx and Home Sense.  Our local stores had so many 12 X 12 paper pads I rather over indulged.  Pads of paper are lovely but, unless they include cut apart sheets, you do find yourself wishing for some matching embellishments.  So I had a look on-line to find some in the same lines.  I eventually ordered some Crate Paper stickers and ephemera packs from A Trip Down Memory Lane (ATDML).  They had Maggie Holmes and DIY Shop, so I ordered from both.  I placed the order at the weekend and it arrived on Tuesday morning – so fast.  Everything was there and they had included some ribbon in the box.  I’ll definitely be using them again.

It’s always hard to know what you might be getting in the ephemera packs, so here are a couple of photos of the contents.  First Maggie Holmes (apologies for the poor focus – I think it’s camera shake form the long exposure.  I can’t retake because I used a couple of journal cards on that half finished LO.)

DSC_0063And now the DIY Shop pack:

DSC_0064There’s lots of gold sparkle in this one.

The second new place I tried was Capture the Magic, which is in Soham and provided a convenient break in my journey home from Great Yarmouth.  It’s a large shop with a good range.  I finally got some WOW clear embossing powder and hexagonal Nestabilities, which which have been on my wish list for a while now.  They don’t stock American Crafts or Crate Paper, so no chance to buy some more embellishments to go with all those paper pads!  They do have a machine which accepts £1 coins and then dispenses a large plastic ball full of crafting goodies.  Puddle Duck is usually banned from similar machines but this one was worth it – we got a huge bag of buttons, which are now neatly sorted by colour in plastic tubs.  It’s too far to visit the shop any other time, but they do an on-line service so I will probably try that.

Then when I got home I had the surprise of my parcel from Joanne as part of Sian’s swap.  This is what came out of the envelope:

DSC_0204That anchor envelope will be finding its way into the last of my May counterfeit kit I think.  And this is what it contained:


DSC_0205Lots of crafting possibilities there.  Thank-you Joanne and thank-you Sian for organising this.  And Ginger, if you are reading this, I am on with your little package.

We’re off to Hampton Court Palace for the day today (if Puddle Duck wakes up that is).  Whatever you get up to today, make it a good one.






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  1. yeah shopping for scrapbooking is always fun…. woohoo for the happy mails….Enjoy your outing to Hampton Court Palace…hugs…x

  2. I have had a blast spotting the parcels popping up everywhere! Kind of feels like Christmas every time I see one. Thanks for being a part of it.

  3. Sounds like you have had some fun shopping! I bought 7 12×12 pags from TKMaxx, they are indeed too tempting! I was interested to hear you bought the embellishments to go with them – a great idea – I’ll have to check them out myself.
    I’d planned to make my first visit to Capture the Magic tomorrow. Vikki offered to be there as the shop is not usually open on a Tuesday and I was making a special visit. So kind of her. I’m now going in July so after hearing about your visit I’m looking forward to it all the more.
    Lucky you receiving those lovely small things, have fun using them.

  4. Ooooh…love at those yummy supplies! Glad to hear that you’ve already used some….no hoarding!

    P/s: I clean my mist bottle nozzle head after every use…just wipe it with a rag. And what you shake the bottle, shake it side to side and not up and down [like nail polish]…this prevents air bubbles from building up at the nozzle area and ensures smooth spraying.

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