Photo Scavenger Hunt 2013


Are you taking part in Rinda’s Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt?  I’ve done it for the last two years and had a lot of fun and this year I started early – here is my first set of photos:

1.   Open air market – here’s the one in Stratford-upon-Avon

2.   Theater for performing arts – Royal Shakespeare Company by the River Avon in Stratford.

6.   Someone taking a nap – my little nephew, Cousin Number 2 after The Grandad’s 80th Birthday Party
9.   A photo with something that doesn’t belong – a Tudor maid with a mobile phone

10.  A bench that is outside – Look at this beauty Puddle Duck spotted!

11.  An animal in a zoo, aquarium, nature preserve, etc. – an iguana in the Butterfly Farm at Stratford.

12.  A cloud in the shape of something – can you see the jelly baby sleeping in the clouds?

13.  A fence – complete with complimentary shadow

IMAG0573So there’s my first eight.  How are you getting on?


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  1. Brilliant collection and I am smiling so much at the nap, mthe Tudor maid and the jelly baby! At this rate you will be done in a few weeks!

  2. I’ve never been to Stratford – thanks for taking me there today. Love the bench, the tudor maid with her phone, and, of course, the theatre!

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