Photo Scavenger Hunt 2013 – Part 2


Hello.  Long time no see.  I’ve had a bit of computer trouble.  First I bought an iPad and I wanted to use iCloud, but my Mac’s operating system didn’t support it, so I downloaded Mountain Lion.  Luckily I decided it was about time I bought a Time Capsule to back up my data before I clicked on install.  And guess what, it wouldn’t install and I couldn’t install my old OS because the back up didn’t work!

Luckily the guys at KRCS in Merry Hill were ace and I took in the Mac and the time capsule and, even though I hadn’t bought the Mac from them, they got me back online overnight, for free.  Go KRCS!

Anyway, time for my second installation of Rinda’s Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt.  I think I’m nearly done!

3. Town Hall Stourbridge

8.   A Tower – the Clock Tower at Birminghm University,


I also like the tower on Stourbridge Town Hall, but let’s not use the same building twice!

14. There’s a mosaic at the local train station,


But a trip to Harvington Hall last Sunday provided too many stained glass windows to choose from.  This is a favourite:


15. I drive around a lot so I see a lot. Of police cars  and fire engines, but the trouble is I’m driving so I can’t take a photo!  I took one but it’s not too good.  I’m hoping I’ll get something better.

16. A windmill is going to be tough, so this cushion with a picture of one will have to do.


17. Candles in the church at Harvington.


18. I can’t say that I have a local watering hole I go to regularly, but I do find myself at a loose end in Stourbridge while Puddle Duck is at her drama group.  This is one of the coffee shops I’ve tried.


19. I was hoping to spot a fisherman last weekend and there were a few at Harvington Hall.  This one went a little shy when I asked to take his photo.


Having my computer out for most of June means that I haven’t got myself organised for the demise of Google Reader, so it’s going to be a while before I get myself organised into a regular blog visiting routine.

Hope to catch up with you all soon.


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  1. I love your windmill – very creatively thought of! Sorry to hear about the computer trouble :(. And intrigued to hear about the iPad. If you are looking for a reader, I can recommend Feedly – nice clean interface both on the Mac and the iPad and (unlike Bloglovin for the iPad) you can groups your blogs under different headings on the iPad, and it will tell you how many posts there are.

  2. Ugh on the computer problems – there are two macbooks down on the dining room table being nursed back to help. Glad that you’ve managed to get things sorted though. Not realised how close you are to Birmingham – that tower is one of the landmarks I look out for when I’m there 🙂

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