More Photos from Stratford


Puddle Duck is back at school and I have a rare day off work, at home without her.  Which means time for an extra blog post.

The Drake came to stay last weekend and we had an afternoon in Stratford.  We started at Mary Arden’s Farm.  I was impressed by this photo Puddle Duck took in the farmyard.

DSC_1006We were on our way to the falconry display, where Puddle Duck was selected to take part.

DSC_1022Then we tried a spot of archery

DSC_0020Great shot by Puddle Duck – she makes it look like I know what I’m doing!!!

We were intrigued by these curly haired pigs:

DSC_0035I wonder if these are the furry pigs Ruth loves so much.

We had real trouble getting Puddle Duck out of the kitchen.


I had the same problem with her at Hampton Court Palace and Kew Palace the previous weekend.  She seems to be totally fascinated by historical cookery demonstrations.  In the end I left her there and went for a walk in the garden.

DSC_0091Before we left Puddle Duck went into the playground.  Love this wooden pig rocker

DSC_0111As we were leaving I had to take a photo of this fence for the photo scavenger hunt.

DSC_0114Next stop was Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and some more scavenger finds.  This bench is in the lavender maze:

DSC_0146While this has to be one of the finest benches I have ever seen

DSC_0121And finally a musically inspired fence.

DSC_0154What have you found lately?


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