An Amusing Anecdote?


Do you ever go back to your desk to clear away after finishing a project, only to see the possibilities for new page staring back at you?

That happened to me after I’d finished the wedding album and I had a photo I wanted to scrap to tell a story about the day;

We were moving into the room for the ceremony and we were quite far back.  My day said ‘Are you with the Bride or Groom?’  Well, if you’ve seen the album you can imagine I was quite embarrassed – I thought he was trying to be clever – his idea of a joke (shall we just say he’s a Daily Mail reader and leave it at that?)

‘Shush’ I said in my best disapproving voice.  “That’s what the usher’s saying”.  OMG – were we going into the wrong wedding?  Was it a member of staff who hadn’t been properly briefed?  No – none of the above.  The usher was a friend of the Grooms and it was his idea of a joke!

DSC_0005Hop on over to see Sian at High in the Sky, where you will find more stories, short or long to make you laugh or cry.



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  1. Thinking that you might be with the wrong wedding party must have been a bit of a heartstopping moment! It’s lovely to see a little moment like this getting a layout of its own. Great stuff.

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