Where There is Story


Welcome to my 150th post.  I created this layout as a homage to Sian’s Story Telling Sunday which ran for three years and sadly ended in December last year.

The story telling tradition is celebrated twice daily in the Mediteranean Biome at the Eden Project. Puddle Duck insisted that we attend both when we visited in October 2012.  As I sat and listened to this story I knew it would be perfect for a layout and Sian’s meme.  But time escaped me (as usual) and it has taken until now to get photo, paper and pen combined and this post written.  i used my Counterfeit kit with the addition of jars cut from American Craft’s Lucky Charm collection to meet the challenge to use a container.


Once, a long time ago there was a man  who travelled the land from village to village and from town to town.  He wore a glorious, embroidered coat, covered with pictures of butterflies, flowers and birds and all kinds of fantastic beasts both real and imagined.  Wherever the man went he was welcomed.  Children would follow behind him and people would open their doors and offer him food and shelter.

Around the same time there was an old woman, who also travelled from village to village and town to town.  But her experience was very different.  She was not beautiful and finely dressed like the man.  She was bent double and dressed in rags. She had a large hooked nose and warts on her face. Wherever she went doors were slammed in her face.  Children would run after her – throwing stones and calling her names.

One day the man and the woman met on the road and they talked about their lives as they walked along.  The man was appalled that the same people who welcomed him would treat her so badly. At last the man realised that although they had talked for some time they had not introduced themselves.  ‘I am Story’, he said, ‘What is your name?’.  My names is Truth’ she replied.

‘Ah, now I understand’ he said.  ‘And I think I can help you.  When we get to the next village, come under my coat and you will be welcomed with me.’  She did so and what he predicted came true.  So they travelled that way for many years.  and that is why, wherever there is Story, you will find Truth tucked in under the hem.



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  1. How wonderful is this! I have never heard this before but have tucked it away in my memory … I really like the design of your page too, and the little stars seem so appropriate.

  2. Well first of all, congratulations on your 150th post! That’s quite a milestone, and I wish you many, many more..

    ..and secondly – how brilliant! Another story. Thank you. The Storytelling Sunday pinterest board always has room for another one, so I shall add it straight away

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