I Love, not Heart


DSC_0405When I was young, drawing a heart was shorthand for ‘love’ or ‘loves’. It really bugs me when people use a heart in a scrapbook title and then write it long hand as ‘I heart …’.  Heart is a noun – it is not a verb!

With that in mind I was a little reticent of using a heart in the title of my own pages.  But I was using part used packs of letters in my Counterfeit page kit and my choices were limited, so I succumbed. Not once but TWICE!

The first page I made was for the Soul Scrappers Quest.  The idea is that you are sent a bags of scrapbooking goodies through the post and then have to use them in some creative project.

This time the theme was babies.  My initial thought was a photo of Puddle Duck and The Niece looking into the Nephew’s moses basket.  I thought I could use that woodgrain from last month’s Counterfeit kit as the background.  Then I saw the latest Jot Magazine and loved Raquel Bowman’s LO so decided on a bit of scrap lifting instead.  I picked a photo of me and my baby brother from around 1967.

DSC_0406L’il Bro is the name he always had until he became The Uncle.  I’m still Big Sis – even though he’s 6 feet tall and I’m only 5’2″

This is slightly different to the LO I did for the quest.  I used all the pieces for that one, but I didn’t think the red fabric fitted and the buttons were a different shade of pink and I wasn’t sure how best to use the white ribbon.  So I didn’t stick them down.  I took a photo, removed them and then added a new cluster to the right of the photo.  This is the version which will go in my album.

Clustering the embellishments is definitely my ‘go to’ for Soul Scrappers Quests.  The second LO is all about the layering.  I used the sketch at Scrap365, using two photos from one of my childhood holidays in Blackpool and the negative from the heart I punched for my first LO:

DSC_0404The sketch didn’t really leave me anywhere to journal, but I didn’t have a lot to say so I added a line of journalling along the bottom, joined into a line drawn around the page like a frame.  I toyed with adding some turquoise sequins but I think I like the clean look for this one.  Both of these LOs will go into a childhood memories album I am working on, so having them with the same pink spot and thickers will provide a little continuity.

So what do you think?  Love or heart?  Is there some modern corruption of the English language which really gets your goat?

P.S. Raquel Bowman is a guest designer at Scrap365 this month too – I hadn’t twigged until I went over to pick up the link.  Love her take on the sketch too!  There are some gorgeous entries to the challenge this month – go check them out.

P.P.S. Totally delighted to be picked as the winner at The Studio last month.  Puddle Duck has already staked her claim on the prize – well she was in most of the photos!


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  1. Well, it kind of felt like heart was a verb here at the weekend when my husband unexpectedly brought me home a packet of Lovehearts with the Sunday paper! “Medal” is one I don’t like..there’s an Olympic themed one for you. As in “we haven’t medalled yet”

  2. I am right with you on ‘heart’ not being a verb – argh! Both your pages are lovely – he black and white is great with the colours, and I like the design of the second one very much indeed, with your little cut-out inbetween the photos. Congrats on the win!

  3. two really lovely layouts. I can’t really comment on the modern uses of English as I hear a lot of English used incorrectly in German now and often pick them up while the internet seems to be changing the language completely. I don’t really feel in a position these days to comment as I struggle to keep up with it all!

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