Friday Photos


I’ve been scrapping rather a lot of old photos lately, so I thought I you might like to see what we’ve been getting up to this year.

First of all Puddle Duck turned 10.  We went to the cinema and then for a Pizza with her friends, The Big Sister and The Niece.

Siobhan's BirthdayWe started half term with a long weekend at Butlins Minehead.


And finished with a trip to Hampton Court Palace to see the newly opened chocolate kitchen.


While we were there we caught up with the latest Court gossip with Princess Caroline

DSC_0586And tackled the famous Hampton Court Maze.


Tales of its complexity are greatly exaggerated.  It took us ten minutes to find our way in and 10 minutes to find our way back out.

What have you been up to?


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  1. Nothing as much fun as this! Puddle Duck looks as if she had a glorious time – and her Mummy is clearly stellar in making all these opportunities available to her :).

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