Then & Now


It started with a post on Facebook. A friend posted two lists for two ages ‘click like and I’ll give you an age’.  How could any scrapbooker resist?  Especially when there are challenges open for pages with lists 😉  And here’s the page – with the age she gave me – 17.


i started with a kraft background so that I could link up to the Kraft it Up challenge and tried to kill my last couple of Counterfit kits. I also used a corner rounder, ovals (see if you can spot them) and a mixed alpha title as part of Soul Scrapper’s recipe challenge for a list layout.  I’ve removed Puddle Duck’s real name from the ‘Now’list.

I’ve left space for another photo in the top left quadrant because all my photos of my 17 year old self are in the bottom of my shelving unit under all of this…….

DSC_0665My parents have given me an old wardrobe to go in the craft room and everything is piled up while it is put together.  This also means that there won’t be a Technique Tuesday this week.  I did use a few punches on my page though – including punching out  some negatives on the journal cards…


It’s Mothers Day today, so another opportunity to kill that kit with a card.

DSC_0662Before I go I just wanted to answer a question Jemma asked a short while ago.  She asked if I was scrapping with original old photos.  When I started scrapping the received wisdom was that you shouldn’t scrap with your precious originals.  That was when digital photography was just taking off and since then we have our digital back ups and scrap the prints.  But what about old photos?  When I first started scrapping with old photos, I made copies on my printer and scrapped those.   The originals went back in their packets. Then I tried scanning the originals and treating them as I do modern photos – the print is on the scrapbook page and I have a digital back up.  But my printer/scanner doesn’t give such a good quality image.  And I have a couple of boxes of old photos.  They are taking up space, they are not viewed very often and they are deteriorating.  They come out of their packets and get thumbed and passed around.  I think they are probably safer stuck in an album and hopefully will be looked at and enjoyed more often.  What do you think?


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  1. Nice murder of those kits, lol! As far as the original photos go, 99% of the time I use them on the page. I guess I just don’t want another set of albums or more boxes stashed in the closets. If anyone ever wants a print of the photo, we can scan the page or even take a photo of the photo!

  2. I love “then and now” scrapbooking – it’s my favourite 🙂

    I don’t have a lot of old photos, but I have scanned them and print out copies for scrapbooking. That’s partly so I can freshen them up in photoshop (though I don’t always – sometimes they look better retro) and also so I can make copies for anyone else in the family who wants them.

  3. Great idea for a page Julie. We have a decent scanner so I can scan originals that I’ve borrowed from other people’s albums, but we have packets and packets of (pre-digi) photos that aren’t in albums and I reckon the originals are faire game if thy actually make it to a page for regular viewing!

  4. Super cute layout and a fun list 🙂 I agree with you about the originals I think they will safer in an album scrapped that in a box and an envelope only being looked at once in a great while. So I plan to scrap mine. Doing one class that will help with my own pictures and make a page or two of the other ones, get those scanned and get the originals off to the person that is in the pictures

  5. Fabulous page and a great card. I scrap the old photos now too. I scan them first at a very high resolution and if necessary will edit them in PS to fix any problems and then reprint them but otherwise if they are pretty okay the way they are, I scrap them that way. It adds to the authenticity of the layout I think, personally anyways. I look forward to seeing you join us at KIU again. 🙂

  6. Great inspiration for the KIU challenge, love your design, fab page. Thanks for playing along at KIU 🙂

  7. Hey Lovely Lady! Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog the other day. Much appreciated!

    Loving the beautiful design of this layout – it’s so fun and quirky with it eclecticness! x

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