Scrambled Saturday


It’s been a busy week.  So I’m late with Photo Friday and I want to post my scrapbook page early to meet the Studio Challenge blog deadline.  So welcome to Scrambled Saturday!  Actually today there is no Theatre Train or swimming for Puddle Duck so I’m not sure what I will do with myself today!  Puddle Duck wants to do some making and up cycling and I want to try making my own ‘enamel’ dots. (I’ll be back on Tuesday with that one)

Let’s start with that scrapbook page, using this sketch from Studio Challenges:

Such an easy page to put together.  Three pieces of patterned paper, a scrap for the pennant and a handful of buttons.  A bit of cutting, inking and sticking and we have:


Yes I could add some bling or some butterflies to top the buttons but I think I like it as it is.

And now for my ZIZO (Zoom in Zoom out) photos and linking up with Helena for the first time.  I used to do this a lot when I was taking photos to with the thought that I might scrap them.  But I haven’t been doing it so much lately.  Puddle Duck gave me a perfect opportunity last Saturday on the High Ropes.

Zoom out

Zoom in

Zoom out

Zoom out

There she is – that little dot half way up. I think she’s very brave. I have a fear of edges and can’t even do any of the first level. She was a little embarrassed because her friends went right to the top on their first go. But I think facing your fears and beating them, as she has done, takes more courage than knowing no fear.


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  1. welcome to ZiZO and what a great pair – I admire her bravery and wish I’d challenged myself like that when I was young

  2. love you take on the sketch – it’s beautiful!

    on another note – holy crap, that is high!! I wouldn’t have made it past the first level myself.

    thanks so much for playing along with the studio! xo

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