A Hidden Treasure


Happy Friday.  It’s the end of the Easter Holidays here and we’ve been really busy.  Last week’s posts were prescheduled so that I could take Puddle Duck to London.  I have nearly 400 photos, but I have picked out just three for a Zoom In Zoom Out with Helena combined with a Look Up Look Down for the zoom in.

One place we hadn’t been before but was on Puddle Duck’s list of things to see was the Banqueting House.  I must have passed it so many times without realising it was there.  It’s on Whitehall, just down from Downing Street on the opposite side of the road.  It looks like a fairly ordinary building from the outside (ordinary by London standards that is!) but at the time it was built it was a marvel.  Built by James I to host banquets and masques it was built of stone in the latest Baroque style.  Charles I continued the tradition and commissioned Ruebens to paint the ceiling.

Sadly the rest of Westminster Palace was burnt down in a fire but the Banqueting House and Ruebens’ ceiling were undamaged and are now open to the public.  It’s well worth taking a look inside – it really is a hidden treasure.

The Banqueting Hall

Inside The Banqueting House

Zoom in and Look Down

Zoom in and Look Down

Zoom in and Look Up

Zoom in and Look Up

It’s surprising really that The Banqueting House isn’t pointed out on every sightseeing tour – since it was the site of execution of Charles I. The only UK Monarch to be publicly executed.

The Drake and The Niece are visiting, so scrapbooking has been curtailed and my normal Saturday and Tuesday posts will be replaced by later ones to catch challenge deadlines. That is providing I can find the box I put my bits and bobs in.  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find things after you’ve tidied up?

Hopefully normal service will be resumed next week.


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  1. wow what a gem and I love those beanbags for ease of studying the ceiling without falling over or an aching neck

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