Counterfeit Quilt Work


I put together a May Counterfeit Kit but it wasn’t working for me.  I pulled it out a few times, shuffled the papers and then put them back in the box.  But there was one paper in the original kit I wanted to copy – Quilt Work by Fancy Pants Designs.

I’ve done something similar before – that time I cut circles from cream card with my pinked circle die and my Bigshot.  Then I cut and adhered squares of patterned paper, then scored and folded the card before adhering the flaps. This time I wanted something quicker because I had a sketch in mind from Creative Scrappers which meant covering at least 2/3 of a 12 x 12 sheet.

I pulled all the single sided white based papers from my scrap box and collected together co-ordinating papers.  Then I sat and punched lots of circles.  Next I cut a square of card to fit inside to use as a template.  Then I folded the edges of the circle to turn them into squares.  The white based and single sided paper is important – so that when the circles are folded all the flaps look the same and don’t jar against the patterned papers. From there it was just a matter of laying out the squares to form the pattern. Adding a photo and some embellishments; et voila


I decided not to stick down the flaps this time – I like the texture it makes.  I quite like this split page idea as a background, so I pulled out some larger scraps and made a couple of backgrounds to scrap later.  How are you getting on using up your stash?


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  1. Wow Julie, that is just fabulous! I really love it – soooo much nicer than the “original” – after all, that was only printed on, but this is hand crafted!

  2. Wow! I LOVE this! What a fantastic layout and the quilt effect is awesome. Unfortunately, I’m always way too lazy to create an effect like this but it looks wonderful!

  3. Hi Julie, I saw your LO featured at Creative Scrappers and had to link across to tell you how much I love it! Thanks so much for sharing how you created the quilted effect – I really want to try this. Have a wonderful day.

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