The London Connection


Welcome to Photo Friday and my latest finds for the Scavenger Hunt.  Monday was a great day – I got three photos ticked off the list:-

No. 5 – A rack of postcards

IMAG0300No prizes for guessing where I was!  It’s a little out of focus and there’s glare from the overhead light but there’s time for me to find and photograph a replacement before the end of the hunt.

No. 6 – Urban Street Scene


I glimpsed a view of cafe tables through the station entrance on my outbound journey and made a mental note to stop and take a picture on my way home if I had time.  By the time I returned the rain had sent all the people away and the light was thinking of following them.  I took a couple of pictures and it looked flat and dreary – despite the reflections on the pavement.

I was crouched down near the exit and was about to wait for the lady to walk through my shot when she stopped to light her cigarette.  Realising she was the focal point the photo was missing, I took the shot.  It would have been better without the couple behind her but I’m quite pleased with this and I can always move it into the photo-bomb category if I take a better one!

No. 8 – A tattoo on a person

I had my friends lined up for this next time they visit, but when this lady got on the tube I had to pluck up courage to ask if I could take her picture:


So there we have it – just 6 so far (yes I know you’ve only seen 5 but I’m hoping to get a better picture of me than the one I took last Saturday).  How are you getting on?



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