Scavenging and Postcards


Hello there.  I hope you’re all enjoying the lovely (?) hot weather for the summer holidays.  Puddle Duck and I aren’t too keen on the heat.

Sorry I’ve not been around for a while.  Work has been extremely busy and I’ve just been feeling really tired all the time – to the point where I have been falling asleep in the afternoon.  I suspect there may be an element of cause and effect, so I am looking forward to my holiday at the end of August.

The highlight of the month had to be Puddle Duck’s performance in The Best of British at the Swan Theatre, Worcester.  I managed to get this shot of her performing ‘Revolting children’ from Matilda, before I was told off for taking pictures:


I’ve managed to tick off a few more photos for the Scavenger hunt.  I took The Grandma to the crematorium for the anniversary of her Aunt’s death.  Her name is in the book of remembrance, which is always open at the day’s date.  There is a Garden of Remembrance, including this statue at the top of the stairs:


19 A Public Garden

And I also got the photo bomb as we were leaving:


10. A Photo Bomb

And a better photo of a rack of postcards when I went to Crawley for work:

5. A Rack of Postcards

5. A Rack of Postcards

Speaking of postcards, I also had some happy mail – four postcards from Sian‘s pile of postcards swap:


They are from (in order of arrival): Julia in the North West, Barbara in Nashville (she sent 2!) and the lovely Alexa in The Peak District.  Alexa is one of the bloggers I have met in the flesh and I will be seeing her again in September – I can’t wait.  Thank-you ladies.

I must get my finger out and get my postcards bought and sent.  But right now I need to get Puddle Duck to bed.  We have an early start tomorrow, so that we can visit the National Space Centre in Leicester on our way to see The Drake, The Niece , The Nephew and The Big Sister.


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